Weapon Tier List in Modern Warfare Season 4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer has a good hold of the online community, and that too for a good reason. Recently for its season 4, Modern Warfare has updated its weapons tier list, and with it brought in two great new weapons, but balancing changes have also shaken up the Meta.

The Season 4 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was highly anticipated by the player base and rightfully so as it brought in much-needed updates to Modern Warfare and War Zone yet. Every new piece of content was worth the wait, but the new weapons included in the battle pass are easily some of the best guns in the game. Throughout the time of season 3 and the start of season 4, the balance of weapons has been changed a lot, and therefore new weapons have shot to the top of the list, and some old weapons have hit relegation.

Both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone have a lot of playstyles, and therefore having a gun with more versatility is preferred. But having guns which are great in one situation, and not as strong in the other, are useful sometimes too. Hardcore mode is also preferred by many as it evens the playing field. When everything does more damage, every gun becomes a lot more viable to use. There is still a tier system in the game that keeps the categories different, and until and unless there is a major update, the current hierarchy will be here to stay for at least this season.
D-Tier Weapons
This is the very bottom of the barrel in the class of weapons in the game. It is quite literally not worth it to use these weapons in the game and have a giant disadvantage in front of others. Short of grinding these weapons for skins, There is no use. Fans of these weapons have to suffer through this.

The VLK Rogue is a joke weapon, in an already underwhelming weapon class. The Uzi, on the other hand, is in a strong class of weapons, but its slow rate of fire and characteristic pause between pulling the trigger and firing makes it the worst one. The SA87 is the worst LMG, and the Dragunov is a sniper that is almost painful to use. The weapons patches have fixed a lot of issues, and it can only be hoped for things to get better.
C-Tier Weapons
Although better than the worst weapons out there, these ones still have a lot of downsides to be a decent standby. The Model 680 and Origin 12 end up in C-Tier just because shotguns aren’t reliable in Modern Warfare. The FAL does some serious damage, but with good DMRs and other accurate 7.62 caliber rifles now in the running, it doesn’t build up to it. The KAR98K, PP19 Bizon, X16, and 1911 pistols, PILA launcher, and Kilo-141 all fail to make a strong impression compared to any other weapon in their respective classes. They are not the worst, but they don’t stand out.

B-Tier Weapons
The weapons in this class are relatively good and can almost be used as the main weapon, but because they aren’t as versatile as other weapons in their class, they generally don’t match up properly. The HDR sniper is great in Warzone, but not so much in the standard multiplayer. The Striker 45 is a pretty bog-standard SMG despite how good its real-world counterpart, the UMP, maybe. The FR 5.56, or FAMAS, is an extremely fun weapon to use, but without being fully automatic it is let down. The M91 and MG34 are good weapons, even though other options in the same class are far better. The Holger-26 is a unique LMG with some AR characteristics, but its damage is too low.
A-Tier Weapons
The A-Tier weapons are the sweet spot for guns. These guns are perfect for weapon balancing, are quite versatile, and are neither overpowered nor underpowered and hence are the bread and butter of the game. Strong in their own lane, versatile enough to use as a main but not too good at everything, this list of weapons has grown as the developers slowly but surely balance guns through consecutive Modern Warfare patches. With a little bit of everything, they become the idol selection for players.
S- Tier Weapons
The CR-56 AMAX was just added in Season 4 alongside the Fennec, and both of them look to be some of the very best guns in the game. The Fennec is clearly overpowered too. The S-Tier weapons are the possible bests in their classes by being a dream to use, but they are just as rare to be found. They have the highest DPS and lowest recoil in the game.

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