Your smartwatch that is running on the “WearOS” operating system can effortlessly show you turn-by-turn directions while you drive to an unknown place. Google Maps works just fine on WearOS and is capable of telling you step by step instructions about the route.

In case your smartwatch has built-in GPS, you can actually use Google Map navigation without being linked to your smartphone. In addition to that, you can even access the complete Google Map places online if your watch has a dedicated LTE connection.

In this article, we are going to learn how to use Google Maps on WearOS. So if you were searching for a solution to use Google Maps on WearOS, then you have come to the right place.

How to Access Google Map on WearOS?

In order to do so, follow the steps given down here:
First and foremost, go to Google Play Store on your wearable.
Then, search for Google Maps in the upper search bar.
Choose the best matching result.
Download and install the app.

Now your smartwatch is all set for using Google Maps navigation. As we said above, you will be able to access the navigation system while not even connected to an Android or iOS device as long as your device supports it. However, you will need your phone’s location or GPS if your watch is running an older version of WearOS.

Get Google Maps’ Voice Navigation Instructions on WearOS

You can tell your smartwatch to take you to a specific place with its Google Maps navigation systems. You will be able to listen to the voice instructions from your watch once the destination and your present location are granted.

Follow the instructions mentioned down below to get turn-by-turn guidance from Google Map on your WearOS enabled wearable:
First and foremost, wake up your wearable.
Then speak out “Ok Google….”
Just after that, speak “navigate to (Placename)…..”
Now tell it the mode of your transportation “by bike, foot, or car.”
Your watch will now show you a Google Maps card, and you can further tell it about the route there manually if necessary.
Your watch will now start turn-by-turn navigation with voice.

You can use this feature anytime as long as your watch is connected to the internet and has a GPS system.

How to Start Turn-by-Turn Navigation on WearOS Manually

In case you don’t want to use voice commands to start Google Maps’ voice navigation, then you can also use it manually.

All you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned down here:
On your WearOS watch, navigate to Google Maps.
Find the destination place on the map. You can search for it manually using the search bar.
Then, hit the Navigation button on the bottom of the watch’s screen.
Swipe left to know the address of the selected place where you want to go.
If you swipe one more time to the left, you can see the mode of transportation.
There you can select the mode of transport that you are using, such as a car, walking, bicycle, etc.
Now swipe to the left for the final time to close the menu and start your navigation.

Google Maps on WearOS: Hot Tips and Tricks
When your navigation starts, swipe up the green card on the bottom of the screen to view the list of the upcoming directions on your WearOS.
To see the estimated time and remaining distance for your destination, swipe left on your watch screen.
To take a pause from your full-screen navigation and minimize it, swipe right on the screen.
To continue the minimized navigation, press the blue arrow in the directions notification.
To close the Google Maps navigation, swipe the card upward and then swipe left. Now Choose the Exit button.


Many people think that smartwatches are not apt for Google Maps navigation, but that’s barely true if you know the correct way of using it. Yes, it might be a little challenging for you if you are a beginner in using WearOS watches.

All you have to do is understand and follow the steps mentioned in this article to use it like a pro.

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Source: WearOS Smartwatch: How to Use Google Maps Like a Pro

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