Web Analytics: You Miss, You Lose Money

In the age of e-commerce and online business, many people buy things on the internet. But from an entrepreneur’s perspective if you do not have an online presence for your business you are missing out. If you do have an online presence but do not use web analytics, then your business may suffer great financial potentials. No doubt the online business is very economical as it does not require physical space for setup, except for warehousing. Online businesses only focus on the rankings and the number of visits each day. But there is more to e-commerce than just the user traffic.

The boon of Web analytics

The traffic is essential but not enough for a business to thrive. There are many visitors who turn into customers and the other time several visitors come to a site and leave without buying anything. The reason for this is often unknown and this is where web analytics can benefit you immensely. Many businesses use the ad services to post advertisements but sadly the users view the ad and often do not buy the services. But web analytics can help entrepreneurs and businesses in not just getting the visits but also transform the visiting users into actual customers.

Earning more profits with web analytics

Web analytics is a very convenient tool for businesses. There are websites that do not generate enough income, but with the help of web analytics the reason behind the dipping performance of the websites can be find out. Web analytics help in analyzing the weak points of a product and strategy.

Get a perspective over your customers

Web analytics is extremely helpful in giving you an overall perspective as to why you keep losing customers. It can answer many queries as to why your site keeps getting bounced by users without actual transactions taking place. Identify the target crowd is necessary to get a proper overview of things. You cannot have too much content on a single channel of your website; overexposure to products can hamper your communications with your clients.

Web analytics maximizes traffic and conversion

It is a common pattern among businesses to spread the most information possible about their products to their customers via advertisements. You can get great insights into customer behaviour and preferences. It is a lot helpful when you have the data about how the users react to your sale campaigns and offers.

Some of the valuable web analytic tools

Google Analytics

These are the free tools businesses can use for tracking and analyzing web traffic, it shows you the keywords that bring the most users to the pages; it also displays the design aspects users do not like. You can get reports that include data about the visiting users, content and traffic sources. However, Google analytics take a lot of time for updating.

Omniture From Adobe Analytics

Omniture provides tips for optimizing the marketing promotions and schemes. This platform helps you to integrate external party data with genesis tools. The site search helps to improvise search box making sure the users who visit the site can search easily. The merchandise tool is helpful in displaying the right products based on the browsing history. The publish tool helps to change the content on the website.

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