Web design tips and tricks that will help you grow your business

You might have noticed that almost all the businesses now operate online as well as offline. There are some businesses that only operate online because in today’s time people tend to do everything over the internet which is why an online presence for your business is quite important whether you do it on the social media accounts of you do it directly through a website.

The best way to create an online platform for your business is through a website. No matter how popular your social media accounts are, you need a professional online hub to link all your online platforms to one place and the website is the best platform that serves the purpose.

Both small scale and large scale business today hire professional web design in UAE in order to stay in the business race and compete with the competitors in the industry. Web design Dubai companies can build you a professional website that suits the needs of your business but there are certain tips and tricks that you can also use to grow your business with the help of a well-designed website so let us look at those amazing tips that will take your business to an exponential level.

1.      Video landing web pages

We all know that human minds tend to get attracted to graphics more than it gets attracted to the text. Instead of creating a landing page filled with text, try to add some kind of video content to your landing pages so that the visitors get captivated by the high-quality graphics and the moving objects in the video. But remember to resize your video so that it doesn’t affect the page loading speed which might affect the interest that the visitors have on your website.

2.      Parallax Scrolling

One of the greatest things that the human kind needs to worry about is laziness. The online business world is only operating because humans now days are too lazy to get up even to go shopping. The extent of laziness is so much that the visitors don’t even want to click anywhere on the website in order to read further or even navigate which is why parallax scrolling came to our rescue.

By adding the parallax scrolling feature to your website, you provide the customers with the ease and comfort that they look for which means that there are higher chances of them buying a product. Instead of clicking anywhere to navigate, visitors cans imply swipe up, down or across the screen in order to navigate in between the webpages on the website.

3.      Prominent Call to action buttons

It is often the case that we visit a website to order a product or request a service but refuse to do so because we can’t find the order or the request button. Most websites make this mistake of creating really small action buttons which usually get lost in the content of the webpage.

In order to make the call to action button visible, simply add some kind of animation of texture or bright colors to the button, increase its size and position it in a visible area so that the visitors can easily find it and order the product or service. Plus an animated call to action button would also appeal the customers to hit it thus indirectly lead to more sales for you!

4.      Custom Typography

This is the age of custom typography. No website should now use the boring and old fonts such as New Times Roman or Ariel and etc. because the visitors find them too boring to interact. In order to captivate your readers and grab their attention come up with customized typography for your web design which is unique and colorful and represents your brand is some way possible. Add different colors, font styles and sizes to the text on your website in order to make it look more appealing and eye-catching.

5.      Artificial Intelligence

Even though e-commerce website provides the customers with comfort for shopping from their homes but still there are customers that tend to look for connections and way to contact the manufacturer in order to find out more about the brand or ask a question.

Machine learning, personalization, and chatbots are the most common examples of artificial intelligence in web design. Such features make the customers on your website feel special as if they are being treated individually the same way as they would if the visit the store in person. Chatbots also allow you to communicate with your customers, answer their queries, and get feedback and so much more. This engagement element of your web design adds value to your overall website and helps the customers interact with the brand on a personal level and develop connections that they can trust.


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