Webroot Antivirus and its Main Features

Extremely small in size the webroot Antivirus does not compromise even a bit of its security features. The small size even enhances its functionality and increased productivity which are two of the most important attributes one should look for while finding an antivirus program for their PC.

The main feature of the Webroot Antivirus is that it ditches the traditional approach and presents a revolutionary cloud-based behavior analyzing threat detection technology that does not require pre-loaded signature database client for deployment and constant updates. This moves threat detection and elimination to the real-time with no need for prior familiarity with the threat and definition updates.

With the exponential increase in web traffic, more and more businesses are moving online to cater to the needs of their customers. The rise in online activity also means the rise in cybercrime. Not every antivirus software is equipped with features, that could keep you safe from these attacks. One simply needs an antivirus that is advance enough to counter these threats and flexible enough to evolve with the threats itself.

Smart Webroot Antivirus Software – One stop solution to the ever-evolving online cybersecurity attacks

Online attacks are so dynamic that there is always a new cybersecurity threat round the corner. Hackers simply have too many arrows up their quivers to launch an online attack and compromise your data and privacy. Every email received, a song downloaded, a website visited, a link clicked can potentially open doorways that could lead to data theft and privacy compromised. More to this,  these attacks evolve continuously, think about ransomware, and adopt new and more sophisticated methodologies such as cryptojacking to make them more effective. Webroot eliminates all these threats and keeps your data and privacy safe.

Webroot Products Designed for simplicity

Webroot products are designed keeping in mind the average user, one example could be the use of sliders rather than complicated options and buttons. Even if you don’t dive into the advanced options, Webroots is designed in such a way that everything seems perfectly optimized and with minimum user intervention required. Lightning-fast installation and quick scan make it a very user-friendly experience. A user-friendly front panel allows common tasks and buttons accessible from a single screen.

Webroot Antivirus Distinguishing Features

  • Extremely lightweight and lightning-fast antivirus. It only takes a few MBs of memory.
  • It only takes a few minutes from the start of download to the complete installation.
  • No burden on resources. Minimum usage of processor means no lags in systems’ performance and increased productivity.
  • Do you have other security software installed? no problem, no conflict of working means no uninstallation needed before the implementation of Webroot security protocols.
  • Revolutionary cloud-based technology. No need for a definition or signature updates.
  • Advanced threat detection technology that eliminates online attacks the moment they are deployed.

Webroot Antivirus Working

  • Webroot cloud security intelligence virtually eliminates vulnerability found in other security solutions based on virus definitions and signature-based database and provides real-time protection against all types of online threats.
  • This practically eliminates an exposure period between when an attack is launched and when it is detected, and can, therefore, be neutralized instantly.
  • State of the art technology for recognizing behaviors and file templates capable of determining if the hotspot activity is normal and harmless or malicious.
  • The Webroot solution instantly scans processes and files whether new, old, or even recently modified concerning the database of Malware and information network based on the cloud environment.
  • Webroot deploys cloud-based Intelligence Network technology, to classify files and execution behaviors, follow them up and predict their intentions.
  • Advanced threat intelligence behavior detection feature not only nullify known threats but also those that have never been observed before, eliminating the need for signature updates and putting to extra burden on the computer system resources.

Webroot Antivirus Online Security

  1. Webroots’ response to online threats is phenomenal and more than meets the challenge.
  2. It has a slightly different approach from other online security suits, with a particular focus on protecting the information we capture and leave online.
  3. Webroot Antivirus Online Security encrypts the user names, passwords, and credit card numbers, this way even the virtual keyloggers are stopped in their tracks.
  4. Keeping up with the latest development, it is also well equipped to protect our smartphones and tablets, which are increasingly being used for online activities more frequently than laptops and home PCs.
  5. Synchronized passwords Feature facilitate automatic logins and allow the user to have multiple secure passwords, without the fear of them being forgotten or hacked

If you experience any issue while installing Webroot Antivirus, then please contact at the toll-free number 1-833-283-0002 or visit webroot.com/safe  for guidance.

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