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Such is the extent of cyberattacks that experts estimate that every system connected to the internet must have faced at least one attack. So strong antivirus protection is not optional anymore. Surfing the web without some kind of protection is like an open invitation for cyber attacks, data breaches, and privacy theft. You can prevent this all with a webroot antivirus protection. To bring your computer under webroot’s security, you have to visit webroot.com/safe website, purchase and register a product, download it on your computer, then install it.

Pre-requisite for webroot Installation & Activation
● A valid license key to activate webroot subscription.

● A system with necessary specifications to successfully run the webroot client.

● A working internet connection for product download.

How to obtain webroot safe activation code
● To get a webroot activation key you have to buy anyone of its subscription plans.

● You can make the purchase both online and offline.

● For online purchase open the link webroot.com/safe in a web browser.

● On the top left of the screen, click on the menu icon( three horizontal lines).

● From the menu choose the product you want to buy and then proceed to the payment page.

● Fill up the required information, enter your payment details, and then proceed with billing.

● Review your order for a webroot subscription and make the transaction.

● Once the purchase is successful, you will receive your secret code for product activation via email.

How to activate webroot safe subscription
You have made the purchase and obtained the activation key. Now you have to register and activate your subscription.

● Again open the webroot.com/safe page in a browser.

● On the page type in the email address to provide while making the purchase.

● In the next box enter the activation code and click on the Next button to register.

● You will be prompted to register a webroot account. Do not skip the step as you will need the webroot account to download & install webroot products and to manage your subscription.

Webroot.com/safe download and installation on windows endpoint
● On the windows client, download the SecureAnywhere installer for deployment.

● Follow the link webroot.com/safe and login to your account.

● Download the webroot client for windows, the file will be named wsainstall.exe.

● After the download is over, run the Installer, and when the Installer dialogue box opens select the desired language.

● On the next screen enter your key code in the installation window and then click on “Agree and install”.

● Additionally, you can click on “Installation Options” to apply the following settings too:

● Create desktop shortcut – comes handy to launch webroot client directly from the desktop

● Choose a random name for the installed webroot file to bypass certain infections.

● This option causes the installed agent’s file name to be generated randomly. In turn, it prevents certain malware from marking and blocking the Webroot files.

● Prevent SecureAnywhere files, processes, and storage from being changed. This option enables self-protection and the CAPTCHA requests when any critical action is to be taken in relation to Webroot. This prevents webroot files to be uninstalled by an infection.

● When you click on the agree & install button webroot client will be deployed to that endpoint.

● After installation, a complete scan of the entire endpoint is carried out immediately by the SecureAnywhere agent.

Webroot.com/safe installation on Mac endpoint
● To download the SecureAnywhere installer on a Mac client enter the link webroot.com/safe in the address bar of a web browser.

● The link will lead you to the webroot activation and download page.

● Go to the login option and provide your credentials to access your webroot account.

● From your account dashboard download the wsamac.dmg file for your Apple computer.

● After the download, open “wsamac.dmg” with a double click.

● Now go to the application folder and start the webroot installation for mac by double-clicking the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon.

● On the first menu window select the language and then click on “Next”.

● Note: Once the webroot has been installed, the language cannot be changed. So make sure that you have selected the desired language.

● In the next step, the setup will ask for the activation key. Enter your keycode on the space given and click on the “Agree and install” button.

● Now follow the rest of the instructions in the wizard to complete the installation.

● You will be prompted to provide your Apple ID and password. Enter it, click the OK button, and on the following screen click on the system preferences option.

● Under the privacy, tab click on the full-disk access option.

● Just right to the app list, you will see a plus button, click on it. A new window will open up, choose applications, and then click to open webroot secure anywhere.

● Tick the box next to the secure anywhere option and in the pop that appears, click Quit Now button.

● Now back to the secure anywhere installation window, click on the Next button.

● Follow the screen and choose the install extension option.

● When the installation finish message is displayed, click on the finish button.

Send webroot.com/safe installation link to another device via email
● You can send an email with the installation link to the users so that they can install the webroot security software on their machine.

● Login to your webroot account through the webroot.com/safe link.

● In the Webroot SecureAnywhere online management interface, go to the “Resources” tab.

● From here you can send the download link via email for webroot installation on another device.

● Enter the details if any, specify the email address and send the email to the relevant user.

● The email will include, Installer link and the keycode, details for a successful webroot installation and activation.

Webroot Safe setup for smartphones
Smartphones bring to hands the same computing power as of a mid range desktop or laptop. Also, a large chunk of user’s online activity is through the smartphone. With their rising popularity and improving specs, smartphones have also opened new avenues for cyber attacks. Hackers are now increasingly targetting smartphones. One needs to have strong protection for their smartphones too. Fortunately, webroot provides a very competent Mobile security app too. You can easily install it on your phone. Just follow the steps:

For Android
● Search Google Playstore app on your android phone, and tap it to open.

● Now type Webroot in the search box and tap the search button.

● From the search result, select the webroot Mobile security app and tap the install button next to it.

● The webroot app will now be installed on your android phone.

● After installation, open the app, a screen will appear with the option, Agree & Launch.

● Just tap on it and you will be taken to the application’s main window.

● Here, select the activate option, type the webroot.com/safe activation code in the given box and click on the OK button when the activation is successful.

● Tap on Fix this now to review additional settings and to make any changes, then click on the finish button.

For Apple iPhone
● On your iPhone, open the iTunes app, and search for two webroot Mobile security apps for iOS. One is the SecureWeb app and the other is the Backup & Sync app.

● Enter your Apple ID and password and install them both on your phone.

● Tap the secure web app icon to open it and then tap the key icon on the toolbar.

● Now provide the username and password for your webroot account.

● The app will now verify your credentials and if the given information matches, will show a green tick mark next to the key icon.

Source: https://sites.google.com/view/webrootsafes/home

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