Website Development Best Practice to Ensure Happy Website Users in 2020

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India is a country where you find talent in abundance. The same thing is noticed by many business entities from other countries. Web Developers in India are adored everywhere due to efficiency in the work, work they perform and prices on which they work. Hence, to know the essence of their work, we have shared some of the Best Practice to Ensure Happy Website Users.

But before we analyze the process, let us check, Why it is necessary to ensure happy website users? You will always remember the very first encounter to any site, you were visited when you were stuck in a trap of technically worst designed website. So, what makes a website appeals to users? Its code. Yes, the developers or designers are the leads here who makes any website looks astonishing in its first impression.

Keeping this one point in mind, let us take a glance over the methods by which website developers in India are stealing the show and spreading happiness all around the globe.

Why Its is Important to Develop Website Design Appealing?

Web design trends are constantly changing and as always said, first impression is the last impression. Will you desire to visit a web page full of unordered menus, navigation issues, styling issues, etc. ? Or a website that has appealing designs, AI implementations, Ordered Menus, sectional navigation, etc. Sound Cool! This is the only way any website can grab more audience.

It is totally up to the designers or developers, how they are going to engage audience with their website’s layout. Once, the client is convinced with your layout, your are good to go as He/She will approach or the best part will recommend your work to others.

Google Concern About Website Layout

The above was all theoretically said but in the time of technicalities, Practical things work only. According to a rough estimation, around 1.9 billion website have hit server. Gradually, the numbers are moving to 02 billion.

The god itself “Google” or other search engines are serving the website you like the most. Hence, what becomes essential here is, your website not only satisfy your client’s thought, It must go good with the guidelines delivered by the Search Engines as well.

Search Engines like Google only render such pages among the 1.9 billion count that are technically satisfying the User Intend as well as the Search Engine’s intend. Hence, if you want your page to get into the Top SERPs of Google, then you should work to build a page like that.

Best Practices To Maintain Happy Website Users

Responsive Design

A website should be responsive as in it must work well with Smartphones as well as with Desktop. The web page you have designed must get open in any other device. It should not happen that page width is going out of the boundaries, font style is not working well.

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Enable Website Analytics

Always do your website analysis on a timely basis as it gives an overview about the sections driving you audience and section which lacks engagements.

How you can install Analytics to your website? It is as simple as the question is. You will have predetermined code code in HTML Language. Now you need to embed this code to your analytics for checking the performance of the website.

Once it is successfully installed, you can have the best outcomes and a detailed of which part of your website lacks maintenance.

Site Security Comes First

Whatever codes or design you render on website, without security it is not worthy. So convert your http website into https one as Google also consider only such websites which holds proper SSL certificates.

It is always fruitful to have a website that is more convenient in security parameters rather to have an unsafe website with issues of losing data.

Speed of the Web Pages

One of the not to miss parts is the speed of the web pages. It must have good load time so that a user can access the web page with one shot rather than waiting for the web page to respond. This also impacts the engagement of the user to your website. If you render a website with slow run time it will not engage more audience. It will also impact the bounce rate and impression in the Search Engine.

Hence it is better or even excellent to have a website that has good run time and appealing design to engage more and more audience. This also enhances the authority in Google search pages which directly or indirectly impacting your business growth in a good way.

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Features You Can Add to Improve Load Time of Web Pages:

  • Optimized Images
  • Few Plugins
  • Host Settings
  • Optimized Theme
  • Optimized Codes
  • Server, etc.

The article is Originally Published at Indian Web Developers Blog on 8th January 2020

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