Wedding Cinematography: What to Expect and How to Budget


Hiring a wedding cinematographer can seem like an expensive proposition, but it doesn’t have to be. You may even find that having a cinematographer at your wedding will turn out to be cheaper than you imagined, considering how many unforgettable memories it will provide and how long those memories last after the wedding day ends. To help you determine if having a wedding cinematographer makes sense, here’s what you should know about wedding cinematography Sydney, including some useful tips and tricks on how to budget.

What Is Wedding Cinematography?

Wedding cinematography is a field of videography that captures the moments leading up to, during, and after a couple’s wedding day. Wedding cinemograph encompasses a lot more than just an on-camera videographer, as it often involves a few professionals working together to capture footage. One person might film the majority of footage while another does interviews with the bride or groom. Sometimes filmmakers will even work with lighting crews in order to make sure their subject looks perfect.

The Styles of Wedding Videography

The two basic styles of wedding videography are documentary film and theatrical film. Documentary films are much more informal, with the filmmaker recording what is going on around them. Theatrical films are far more planned out, with a goal to put together a dramatic story for the audience to watch. Ultimately, when planning for wedding cinematography Sydney you’ll have to decide which style you prefer as that will dictate how much you’re willing to spend.

Where to Start with Budgeting for a Film Crew

Budgeting for a film crew is crucial. Wedding photography Sydney prices are about on par with the average price for a small wedding film, but it will vary depending on your location, time of year, complexity of shots, etc. The only way to know the total cost is by getting quotes from several cinematographers in your area.

Consider Location and Venue

Your wedding cinematography will ultimately depend on what type of venue you’re getting married in. Venues that are open all day will give you more time for photographing your friends and family before the ceremony, as well as afterward. Outdoor venues may be tricky to shoot, but indoor venues could pose a challenge for capturing natural lighting. Deciding on the type of venue can also help dictate how many videographers you’ll need.

Is the Filmmaker Familiar with your Style, Ceremony, and Needs?

Choosing the right wedding cinematographer is essential because they are a natural extension of your wedding day, capturing all of your most treasured moments on camera. Your wedding cinematographer needs to be familiar with your style, ceremony, and needs before you book them.

Pick Based on Personality, Not Just Price

You want your wedding video to capture the most important day of your lives as well as tell a story, so it is important that you choose a company that specializes in wedding videos. These companies usually include professionals who are knowledgeable about how to keep things natural and get the best footage for telling the perfect story. Wedding photography prices can be expensive depending on what type of package you decide on. But, getting the best wedding photos should be your ultimate aim than the price.

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