Wedding Flower Decoration in Kolkata

Weddings can cost anywhere around a few thousand bucks to a fortune, it depends on how to choose to celeebrate it. A big fat indian wedding with all the taam-jhaam starts from lakhs and ranges upto crores. Whereas a small gathering of immediate family and close friends can be good for your pocket and will cost near a few thousand bucks only. With the right wedding planner like THE WEDDING SUTRA- the best wedding planner in kolkata, you can make your dream wedding come true within your set budget.  This article lists all the pros and cons of both small and grand weddings. Wedding Flower Decoration in Kolkata


1.Light on the pocket- first and foremost is you save a lot of money on the ceremonies, not everything has to be about money, you can also make your friends and relatives feel special by showing a small token of love by inviting them to your intimate party.

2.Special day for special people- a small weddimg is the best way to  make some people realise that you are very close to them and consider them close enough .

  1. Quality enjoyement- Because you cut the quantity part of the wedding you can now serve your guests quality level enjoyement, you can have western dishes, a good band, premium level invitations and overall a luxurious wedding.


  1. Taunts from the guests you left out- putting it out there this is something you have to face for the rest of your life, if you did not want to invite your distant uncle to the wedding then he will fill the ears of all the other relatives for a very long time. If you have family members thata re understandding then this wont be an issue but if not then, get ready to be taunted xD.
  2. Missing out on the fun and thrill that comes with a big wedding- no wedding is complete without wedding jitters and wedding jitters often come with a big wedding, the adrenaline of relatives looking at you while you walk in your designer clothes towards the mandap, you will miss out on this euphoria.


1.It will be a memorable day- wedding day, big or not is a memorable day but when its a big wedding you will have a lot to be nostalgic about after a few years of marriage. For example a big weddings demands proper photography and viideography, you will have a lot of captured memories amidst a crowwd of weell-wishers.

  1. Pre- wedding is also fun before big weddings- big weddings means an awesome bachellorate and time with friends, if you have a good budget then it would be even more fun to ost the pre wedding events like a photoshoot, cafe day, shopping day and etc. Wedding Resort
  2. You get to share youur big day with everyone- Your friends, relatives, colleagues everyone will be having a fun time if you decide to throw a big wedding not only would they have fun during the wedding but they will allways have your name craved in their heart as “the couple who threw a grand wedding”


1.Costs a fortune- A big wedding demands for a big budget, it is going to cost you all of your savings upto today, if you planned on saving for your wedding then no issues but if you did  not then a big wedding is going to take a toll on your budget.

  1. No time to attend everyone- If you throw a big wedding forget about meeting everyone from your guest list, you will not be able to spend quality time with all your guests and would rather have to distinguish between who to prioritize which seems a bit unhealthy but weddings are never fun without a little drama right.

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