Wedding Photographer Kilkenny Clicks both Traditional & Candid Photography with Style

You have finally decided to hire a professional photographer in Kilkenny. Indeed, it is a good decision. You cannot ask any person with a passion of photography to click images on your wedding day. Only a professional photographer can perform the job to your satisfaction and will give you lifetime memories. Therefore, do not settle down with any inexperienced photographer on your wedding.

It is advisable to conduct a face to face meeting with a photographer to make him understand your requirements clearly. This even encourages him to ask as many as questions from you related to photography and accordingly make preparations for the final day. The foremost important question he will ask is whether you are interested in a candid or traditional photography. Do not panic if you do not know the real difference between the two. After all, it is the job of a professional Wedding photographer in Kilkenny to make you understand the real differences and then seek your opinion.

Difference between Candid and Traditional Photography

To define simply, traditional photography is the one where a photographer will ask you to make a pose so that he can click your photograph. On the other hand, candid photograph is the one that captures your image without notifying you. The main points of differences between these two kinds of photography are:

  1. Focus: In traditional photography, you will see a wedding photographer; Kilkenny is taking pictures meticulously of the entire ceremony. He aims at covering the entire event without missing any minute detail. But in candid photography, emotion remains the focal point. He prefers capturing emotions of bride and groom, friends and relatives by taking their different poses. Because no one knows that he or she is being clicked, therefore you will experience a natural touch in the candid photography.
  2. Equipment: Candid photography is more expensive than traditional photography as a professional photographer needs to spend huge amount of money on a variety of camera lenses for taking cutting edge pictures. In the case of traditional photographs, a photographer can manage to click the pictures with ordinary camera lenses also.
  3. Training: As the main focus in traditional photography to cover as much event and people as possible, therefore any wedding photographer in Kilkenny can click traditional photographs. But such is not the case with the candid one. He needs to possess proficient knowledge of working with the multiple lenses, lights and equipment like reflectors to click picture-perfect images.
  4. Editing Process: Editing is all about choosing the right composition of color grading and good composition. The candid photography aims at delivery high-quality photographs to clients, therefore a photographer needs to invest a lot of time for editing the images but in the case of traditional photographs, he needs not to do much editing in mildly corrected photos.

So, after understanding these differences, choose the right kind of photography and package and confirm the same to your wedding photographer, Kilkenny. Play safe and remain stress-free in your wedding by making advance bookings for wedding photographers.

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