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Afternoon dining in Central London can be something of a tightrope. If you’re looking for the best lunch in Covent Garden, for example, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Options of just about every cuisine one can imagine are available. 

 Cora Pearl Interior

Couple this with deciding whether to eat light to accommodate another fine dinner, or to feast upon something truly spectacular to fuel an afternoon of everything the capital has to offer, and you have a tough call to make. Thankfully, Cora Pearl – undoubtedly among the best restaurants in Covent Garden – can provide the best of both worlds.


Ask yourself a simple question – what would you consider the best lunch in Covent Garden? For many people, traditional British comfort food would rank highly in the mix. That’s something that Cora Pearl can offer any guest, alongside a great cocktail menu for a relaxing afternoon at the bar. Throw in the unique ambience that can only be found in such a location, and you’ll understand why Cora Pearl enjoys a reputation among the best restaurants in Covent Garden.


Located in Henrietta Street, Cora pearl caters for lunchtime diners between 12 and 2:30pm six days per week – Mondays offer the hardworking kitchen team a rest. The core menu offering is elevated British food, giving diners a choice of such culinary treasures as delicious broth or stew, baked celeriac, game, fish and poultry dishes. Straightforward selections such as ham and cheese toasties and chips are also available, lovingly prepared to perfection. Sunday visitors, meanwhile, can opt for a delicious roast comprising pork or sirloin in addition to these standard options.


The food options are enough to set any mouth watering, but it’s the ambience of Cora Pearl and the attention paid by head chef Jack Ward that makes this surely the best lunch in Covent Garden. Stepping through the doors of Cora Pearl ensures a warm welcome, bringing to mind the opulence and luxury associated with the courtesan that lends her name to the venue. 


The title of “best restaurant in Covent Garden“, whether for lunch, dinner or simply cocktails and a catch-up, is fiercely contested by some of the finest eateries in the world. Cora Pearl is an undeniable frontrunner, though. Drop in and sample the best lunch in Covent Garden for yourself, or better yet, book ahead of time through the official website. After all, a venue of this quality can rapidly grow busy, and the diminutive and cosy dimensions of Cora Pearl are a sizable part of the restaurant’s charm.

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