weldsaver: The leak detection system with water saver functionality

When it gets to weld coolant monitoring and water saver, Proteus persists as a substation. Applying the Proteus WeldSaver, welders are prevented from heating up. It also serves to save on water-cooled devices, pricey weld elements such as terminals and caps.

Preceding OEMs have depended on Proteus Water saver tech for over 20 years for great welding wants. It has state-of-the-art devices for examining leaks and cap loss, critical cooling circuits, give a web-based monitor that combines with robot tech parallels and valve shut off. With WeldSaver, linked with your PLC, robot, and welder is seamless. This is due to the ODVA information forms for inputs and outputs.

Leak Detection Systems

Within the last few years, pipelines have been adding on many kinds of LDS. Leak detection systems are produced in several kinds. Each of them is made to serve exclusive channel needs. These tools work exclusively and are classified in groups by how they sense leaks. There are three main kinds of coolant leak detector methods. They comprise hardware-based systems, bio-based, and software-based.

What is Weldsaver?

In mechanical welding, the Proteus WeldSaver tool is used for water safety in flow control and leak sensing. The water saver method is ideal for controlling coolant flow, weld guns, or the complete cooling circuit for a weld cell. It is an excellent device for sensing flow loss quickly due to hose burst, cap loss, or other issues.

  • Electrode cooling is assured by controlling the coolant flow and heat requirements
  • Flow is sealed off in less than 1 second behind cap loss, or other flow wants
  • In less than 0.4, it will give an alarm to the weld control
  • Secured leak-sensing algorithm
  • Coolant and flow meter is done all the time
  • The user can balance alarm frames and method paras
  • Weld-cap and gun changers run well with the exclusive authority of valve and system states
  • Prospects for browser-based user interface and local show

The water saver gives a sign to the methods used to control flow (PLC, weld controller, robot) when the flow velocity or the temp goes behind the set limit. It can give fault or alert signs based on the set-points states.

The Weld Saver acts as a water saver once the welder uses or off. This is done by applying the electric solenoid.

The welding water saver gets all info and presents it on the web interface. The statements are given in an automatic form.

Key points of Weldsaver

  • Flow speeds to 50 LPM / 13 GPM
  • Shows info in Metric units or English
  • interfaces and even legacy selections are provided
  • For flow and temp accounts, Proteus vortex solid-state flow meters are there
  • Options for electric or other water valves.
  • The user fixes all signals and DeltaPoint, and the default preset
  • The speedy response of 0.3 seconds when carrying cap loss alarm to weld power


Proteus Water Saver products are guaranteed to be defect-free in performance and stocks. The guarantee serves for two years after purchase. The full data on this restricted guarantee is seen on the Proteus Industries.

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