Well , a brand new animation could be helpful

The queries will be the queries from the doors at OSRS gold the S.O.S.. After done answering all of the questions you’ll get a scroll, bring this scroll to the cradle of existence in the S.O.S.. You’ll receive your rewards. Coupons can be exchanged for free Haircuts, clothing changes. Big 1 hand – Smack head. Dunce cap – Thought. Cement shoes – Stomp( I did two thoughts becuase flap already has an emote, the chicken suit, think of the ducne cap as an UNchancher.) These, when used unlock an emote. Heres my little notion, the bear head ought to enchance the angry emote.

Well , a brand new animation could be helpful, but arrows throughout the chest, limbs falling off, this really is Runescape, not a horror film or a DOOM sequel.I’m sure lots of us would love to see a different passing animation per way the individual has been killed, but it can be achieved without gore and violence.

By way of example, how’s this for a few.

Mage death:The individual has been become a heap of black ash on buy RS gold the floor, as if they were transformed from the spell Ancient mage passing:The individual has been encased in ice, in a position as though they were planning to hit or reach for help, then are shipped to lumbridge, plus they unfreeze whenever they get there.

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