Welspun India- Charting a new Course of Sustainability and Impeccable Quality

There are several Welspun products that you will absolutely adore. India has always witnessed considerable demand for Welspun India products over the years. The company is known for its emphasis upon breaking barriers, revamping existing trends, building newer avenues for progress along with adopting the latest emerging technologies earlier than peers. The company has already crafted its BrainTrust along with adopting other initiatives such as obtaining consumer feedback and doing consumer research while taking decision which are driven by data and web scraping. Welspun India is a market leader in the home solutions category while possessing 30 patents in the portfolio which is the highest in the entire industry. 42% of sales are derived from highly innovative products along with global collaborations relating to technology patents, universities and industry associations.

There is patented Hygrocotton technology which ensures greater value for money in the current scenario. Hygrocotton has already crossed more than $1 billion in total business over the last 15 years and is a vital component of the home linen division. The company is already striving towards ensuring better wellness driven offerings for health conscious consumers of today by investing in technologies including charcoal as well. Taking into account better consumer awareness regarding sustainability levels, Welspun India has been striving towards coming up with more sustainable offerings and fibers like Organic, BCI and Recycled Polyester.

Welspun India has also invested in creating a more transparent procedure for its supply chain. This will appeal greatly to a whole new generation of customers as per the company and it has come up with its patented and pioneering solution for tracing products on an end to end basis and named it Wel-TrakTM. The company has also come up with Anti-Allergic Fabric (Nanocore) technologies for keeping asthma and allergies successfully at bay. The patented NanoCoreTM weave ensures the development of a natural allergen barrier while the chemical-free finishing makes sure that they remain comfortable even for skin with the highest levels of sensitivity. The AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) has also certified the same as asthma and allergy friendly while there is a 100% cotton solution for ensuring greater allergy protection as well.

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