West Facing House Vastu

For people who give high consideration to Vastu during a property purchase, West facing houses ranks third in their list. Their first choice is a North facing property and second, being a South facing property. North facing is the first priority, due to the fact, that it brings wealth and prosperity since Lord Kuber is the ruler of this direction. East facing property is good as Sun rises in the east. This direction is associated with high energy, growth, health, and wellness.

Vastu for Home

Home is an essential place as all our day to day activities starts with it and ends with it. A proper house to live in is vital. Vastu consultation for home is necessary as a well-balanced environment within the house generates a positive flow of energy in the house.

God who rules the West direction

West facing property ranks third in the list as the sun sets in this direction. In addition to this, Lord Varun rules this direction, who is the God of rains. Lord Varun holds a Rope in his left hand, which is a symbol of Love or Attachment. Hence, if the house is west facing, the people who stay inside the house, suffer due to excess attachment with friends and family.

The planetary god of West direction is Saturn (Shani Dev). Hence a one should take a lot of care if the property is west facing. However, a Vastu compliant west facing house would open the gateway of success for the head of the family and may bring name, fame and high standard of life.

The main entrance of West facing house

The main entrance of a West facing house can be placed at any of the four padas i.e. the third, fourth, fifth or sixth. They are best suitable for the main door of the house.

The entrance can also be planned in first or second Pada only if the above four cannot be used due to any reason. These two positions are neither good nor bad.

However, Padas seven, eight and nine should be avoided i.e. one should not locate the entrance of the house in the South West part of a West facing the property.

Master bedroom in a West facing house

The best place for constructing the Master Bedroom is the southwest corner of your house. The next best position is the South corner and the third best being the West. If your bedroom is in the west corner, then create a slight slope towards the Northeast direction of the room.

If there is more than one floor in the house, then construct the Master bedroom on the highest floor.

Position of bed in the master bedroom

Avoid keeping a bed in the center of the master bedroom. You should not keep or store anything under the bed. There should be a free flow of energy should around and under the bed. You should face the South direction while sleeping. This will lead to less anxiety and sound sleep.

Position of the cupboard in the master bedroom

It is best to keep the locker or cupboard in the southwest corner of the master bedroom. This will increase the wealth and prosperity of the financial contributor or the head of the family.

Position of Pooja room in a West facing house

Construct Pooja room in the northeast corner of a west facing the house. While worshipping, your face should be in the East direction. For light to enter and positive energy to flow, you can make a window in the northeast wall.

The kitchen of a West facing House

As per Vastu, in a West facing house, the South East direction is the best. You should be facing the East direction which cooking.

Open Area around the West facing house

As per Vastu experts, at the front of a West facing the house, avoid keeping keep more open space. However, if you are planning a small garden then northeast or North West corner is good. You should leave open space at the north and east side in the property.

Water Storage Tank

In the north facing the house, construct the water storage tank in the northern or eastern part of the plot.

Like home, west facing offices, shops or factories need careful planning to get maximum benefits from the property. For this, you can implement the guidelines mentioned in this blog. You can also consult a Vastu Expert and can incorporate the suggestions during the construction or renovation of the site.

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