What 6 things must be in your checklist for long distance travel?


A packing list is not the only important list when it comes to traveling. If you are flying, and especially if you have flight transfers, arrivals may be disappointing because of the condition of your luggage. Your comfort should be a top priority. It starts with ensuring everything is secure and well planned for. The 7DayShop has an incredible range of travel essentials you may be interested in buying. Here is a list we hope you will find useful;

Noise canceling headphone

You probably need a lot of peace and quiet as you travel. The waiting areas or lounges can be boring if you do not have something to do. Therefore, if you intend to watch your favourite movie, Tv program or listen to your favourite music, a noise canceling headphone is what you should consider. Alternatively, you can purchase ear plugs to block away noise. The Evo X Harmony Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones with Music Sharing is a headphone you can invest in.

USB cable

Mobile phones tend to run out of power from time to town. If you are on a plane, for example, you may need to communicate upon arrival. USB cables usually come in handy since you can use them to charge your phone both on the plane and in the car. You can also bring a full charger along

A liquid organizer

As a matter of fact, you know that all liquid you may be having in your hand luggage will be confiscated at check-in. to save your money and emotions, invest in a liquid organizer and store everything in your luggage. The 7 DayShop has incredible deals on liquid organizers and other travel necessities. Moreover, you get discounts of up to 30% off on liquid organizers and other travel items in store by simply using the 7 DayShop Voucher Codes! Transport your lotions and fragrances in the best state by simply investing in a liquid organizer.

Travel pillow

Long distance travels can be a nightmare if you are not travelling or flying first class. Care for your neck and stay relaxed be simply buying a travelling pillow. If you are worried about bulkiness, the inflatable travel neck to the 7DayShop is a perfect choice. Better yet, there is more in store, for example, gel travel pillow and comfy pillow.

Digital luggage scale

Weighing your luggage at home is a safe travel tip especially if you are flying out. As you know, different airlines have different baggage allowances and limits. If you shop or travel with a lot of luggage, investing in a Digital Luggage Suitcase Scales with Blue Backlight and Strap for as little as 1+ £6.99. It weighs up to 50k.

Lastly, remember to buy a travel padlock for your bag or suitcase. Accidents do happen, and one may be careless with your luggage along the way. Security starts with you; secure your belongings by locking them securely with a padlock. You can get the manual padlock plus key, or the combi dial padlocks are available at the 7 DayShop at the best prices!

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