What All Safety Measures Can Be Integrated In School Bus Tracking Software?


Technology has shown profound changes in this current era. Once there was a time where the parent sent their child to school and waited for them to reach home safely. They will not be aware of the place that the children are traveling. To ensure safety, an on-demand school bus tracking system plays a major role. 

School bus tracking software is one of the leading apps that help parents navigate to their children’s location easily. The school bus tracking app is integrated with a real-time GPS tracking system. Through this feature, it enables the exact current location of the children. This solution is mainly aimed at the schools that are located in remote areas. It also offers bus transportation facilities for any field trips, school activities, and more. 

Features Of School Bus Tracking Software 


  • Live-Tracking: The users can track their children throughout the scheduled route. They can connect through the mobile app or web for a real-time live tracking system. Both the school institutions and their children on-board can be tracked instantly. 


  • Communication: Through this app, the parents can directly communicate with the school management and school bus driver. 


  • Pick-Up & Drop-off Notification: As soon as the children board or de-boards the school bus, a notification alert will instantly be sent to the parents.


  • Proximity Alert: When the school bus is nearing the children’s house, a proximity alert will be sent to the parent to pick up their children. Thus, the parents do not have to wait for too long. 


  • Offline Access: The users have access to receive notification alerts even if they are not connected to any cellular data or Wi-Fi. While being online, they will be updated with the latest information. 


  • Scheduled Bus Routes: The users will view the tracking locations of the scheduled bus route from pick-up to drop-off. If any further changes or updates during the travel, an instant notification will be sent to the parents.  


Entrepreneurs like you can integrate your app with advanced features that can enhance your user interface. Apart from adding just one language, you can provide multi-language solutions to your users. Each of the users has a separate dashboard for efficient access. Through this vehicle monitoring system, you can boost your on-demand business effectively and rapidly.  

Winding Up

In brief, with the help of the app developers at TurnkeyTown, you can launch a resilient and Smart School Bus Tracking for your users. Almost all private institutions have also started to utilize this tracking app. It is the perfect time to expand your business in the industry.

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