What an NFT community can do for you



From time immemorial, human beings have yearned for connection. We cannot function outside of society and to do so could have proven fatal for the first people to walk the planet. It goes without saying that we need to be inextricably connected to our fellow humans.

Enter the internet. Yes, it has been criticised as the source of all disconnect, but isn’t the very popularity of social media proof that we will use every tool in our arsenal to connect with another? The latest innovation in internet evolution, Web 3.0 adds yet another dimension to how online communities emerge and interact. Foremost among these is the NFT community.

What are NFT communities?

At its most essential, an NFT community is a group of like-minded people who share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on all things NFT. Most of these communities hold their discussions on Discord servers dedicated to particular projects. While there are larger communities that are open to all from brands to investors to the curious, there exist more exclusive communities for those who actively buy and sell NFTs.

Why are these communities important?

Apart from fostering a sense of digital identity and belonging, these communities have a cornucopia of benefits that scale up an NFT project. Marketing becomes oh so easy as earlier members who likely have a finger in the financial pie stand to gain monetarily from bringing more people in. Lo and behold, you have a group of dedicated members who act as unofficial ambassadors for your brand.

Users, too, are exposed to a depth of knowledge from primary sources that help them make informed decisions regarding the purchase and trading of their NFTs. And of course, as with any community, you get the latest news on community events. You may not always be in the know unless you’re in the platform’s Discord server or you follow them on Twitter. Networking, too, is a welcome bonus and with a group of experts always accessible, you often make valuable connections.

In conclusion

NFT communities are quickly becoming crucial to the success of an NFT trading platform and its projects. With a plethora of offerings for brands and users alike, building or joining a community is sure to expand your horizons.

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