What are 3D and 2D gateways

The payment gateways are known to be a merchant service provider and works for the e-commerce application service provider which authorizes the direct payment processing. The business which are found working for the e-business, bricks and clicks or traditional brick and mortar all look for the facilitating of payments transaction with payment portals. The payment gateway at times may be provide by the bank to its customers.

The specialized financial provider with the separate service looks for the better working through payment gateways. The payment transaction between the payment portal or the front-end processor is find working through acquiring banks as well.

The payment processor can be found in the form of 3d and 2d gateways by PayCly. But before we proceed further one should know in detail about 3d and 2d gateways.

 2d gateways: The 2d payment gateways is very important for the business and it provides safe and secure online services for easy payments. It allows the customers to work with fast and convenient options adding more revenues without any hassle in it. The 2d payment gateway along with the merchant account helps with professional online 2d payment gateway by PayCly. It offers multiple payment options which also enables merchants to accept the payments online.

 The features related to the 2d payment gateways by PayCly are mentioned here:

 Ø  Fastest approval

Ø  Real-time transactions

Ø  Multiple currencies

Ø  Secure, reliable and fast gateways

Ø  Complete assistance for the merchants

Ø  Flexibility with the processor

 3d Gateways: The 3d gateways by PayCly is designed with additional security layer and looks for online credit and debit transactions. The improvement with security over the internet payments leads to financial authorization process along with online authentication. The transaction works with the password which is provided by the card merchant and is better known as OTP or One-Time Password. The main difference which is find between the Visa and Mastercard implementation lies with the method to work with the UCAF or Universal Cardholder Authentication Field.

 The 3D Secure service is known to be with payer authentication along with following security protocol that prevents fraud in the online credit and debit card transactions. The payer authentication leads to work with three party involvements which is issuer, acquirer and also interoperability domains.

 The 3d gateways by PayCly involve three different parties which works during the process of payments:

 Ø  Issuer domain or the bank which has issued the card and is being used for payments

Ø  Acquired domain or the merchant with acquirer to which the money is being paid

Ø  The interoperability domain which the network is found to be used like Visa/ MasterCard

 The transaction or the online payments by 3d gateways leads to be popular among the cardholders because it gives safety. 3-D secure leads to securing an extra layer of security with credit and debit transactions. The 3-D gateways help in a phenomenal growth with online card transactions in India. The 3d secure payment gateways sound to be quite a new word but it is well imbibed with technical inputs. The 3d secure payment gateways leads to work with the payment gateways through sensitive clients and customer credit card banking information.

 Here are some of the advantages which are find with the 3d payment gateways by PayCly:

  1. Merchants get a consistent and multiple payment gateway platform with digital media during transaction authentication. The improvement in terms of customer experience can be find with 3d payment gateways.
  1.  Issuers improve frictionless authentication with help of richer data exchange that enables smarter decisions with risk assessment. The cardholder leads to preferred medium with making of purchase through multi-factor authentication.
  1.  Consumers need a convenient and secure service which is regardless of the device with the help of e-commerce payments. It also adds benefits with adding efficiency in transactions having no impact on applications and payment gateways that are familiar with the customers.

 The 2d and 3d gateways are a well-known mechanism to give reliable payment methods to the merchants as well as customers. The 2d and 3d gateways by PayCly are almost the same but both have technical knowledge inputs that are found with the complex procedure in the payment transaction although the payment for merchants and customers gets better without any hassles.

 With all he details and explanation one could have understand that although 2d and 3d gateways are almost the same which facilitates the payment but 3d is found to be more secure. The amount from both payment gateways is transferred through credit and debit card transactions with 3d payment gateways asking for OTP while 2d payment gateways gives immediate payment without involvement of One-time passwords.

So, for a newbie who is using the card for the payments the OTP or not may be the best way to differentiate between the payments although the merchants all over the world are giving more priority to 3d payment gateways which works with customized design cards.


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