What Are 9 Navgrehas?

With the help of science today we all know about astronomy the planets, stars, astroids, satelites. But There is already mention of these planets in ancient Indian scriptures. According to vedic astrology there are 9 planets the 7 planets which we all read about in our science books and the two planets Rahu and ketu which are also included in the vedic planetry system. In Hinduism people worship these planets to get success peace, prosperity in their life. These planets affect life according to the karma done by person in this life and in the next life also. The reason of the many life difficulties also these unhappy planets.


As i said before The position of these planets affects person’s life tremendously. The past life karamas, and the bad deeds done by human affect the mood of these planets which can bring hardship in daily life. The bad luck, misfortune, lack of opportunities. These Navgraha are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, shani, Rahu, Ketu. Among these planets the positions of Shani, Rahu and Ketu are most important because negative influence of these planets can make your life dull as hell.

A brief description of all the Navagraha is provided below:
1. Sun (Surya): The sun also known as Ravi, is the head planet. It represent the father figure. This planet brings name and fame into your life. The Sun mahadsha  is a time when the sun is the strongest and the luckiest time of person’s life. The duration of this time is 6 years.
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2. Moon (Chandra): Monday is the day of moon. The coolest most planet.This god is never shown as a complete embody, only the upper body is visible which comprises two hands holding a lotus each. He rides a chariot pulled by 10 horses.
3. Mars (Mangala): Mangala is most common with the fact “Manglik Dosha” . The difficulties wich could be come in manglik dosh are delay in marriage. Unhappy marriage life etc.
4. Mercury (Budha): The lord Budha is shown having four hands; out of which, three hold a sword, a shield, and a mace and the fourth hand is in a mudra and riding on a chariot or Lion
5. Jupiter (Brihaspathi): He is teacher of all the planets. He is shown as some times sitting on the Lotus Flower and sometime a chariot Which is pulled by 8 Horses. The 8 Horses are the symbole of 8 brances of knowledge.
6. Venus (Sukra): Guru Shukra : Guru Brihaspathi is teacher of Devtas and The god Sukra is the teacher of the Demons. Also, he rides on a chariot pulled by 8 horses.
7. Sani (Saturn): Sani is considered to be the most dangerous planet. he is devta of justice he give punishment according to the karmas done by human. He rides blak crow.
8. Rahu: Rahu and Ketu Belongs to each other. There Is a interesting Story Behind the origin Of these Planets.He is similar to Budha (Mercury) but both Gods have fundamental nature difference.
9. Ketu: In Sanskrit, Ketu stands for a comet. His body is somewhat like a tail of a serp
In order to appease these navagrahas, There is a different poojas and varats which is done to keep these planets happy.

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