What Are At-Home Remedies For Sleep Apnea?

CPAP masks are a traditional treatment for sleep apnea at night. Though practical, some people find this procedure uncomfortable. Here are some home remedies your doctor recommends for treating mild sleep apnea disorder.

Maintain a healthy weight

Sleep apnea clinic Houston says an ideal weight leads to a healthy and disease-free life. People suffering from sleep apnea should lose weight because obesity can increase the risk of airway collapse or narrowing down during your sleep. These obstructions can cause a start and stop breathing problems 90 times a night while sleeping because the severity of your case decides your treatment. Initially, you can help your airways by maintaining weight; later, the machine and surgery can cure your disease. Therefore, you should maintain weight, so your airways reduce sleep apnea symptoms.

Contact Montrose sleep apnea clinic for treatment if you still have a sleep apnea problem.

Try yoga

Regular exercises can increase your stamina and energy level, strengthen your heartbeat and improve sleep apnea. Additionally, you can improve your respiratory system and blood flow inside your body.

Basically, sleep apnea is associated with a decrease in oxygen saturation in your blood. But with the help of yoga, you can enhance your oxygen level and, as a result, proper sleep.

Alter your sleep position

According to a reliable study, a slight change in your sleep position affects your body. Therefore, altering your sleep position will also reduce sleep apnea symptoms and improve sleep time.

You can visit a sleep apnea clinic in Houston if you find any other symptoms and discuss your body positioning for better sleep.

Use a humidifier

Your sleep apnea Houston TX can recommend humidifiers deceive for treating sleep apnea. This device adds moisture to the air because dry air can irritate your body and sound like snoring. Your humidifier device can allow your airways to open and encourages clear breathing.

You can consider adding lavender or peppermint to a device for more benefits. Moreover, these oils work as an anti-inflammatory agent and add soothing to your sleep.

Avoid alcohol and smoking.

Your lifestyle affects your sleeping habits and may improve your health. Therefore you should consider quitting smoking and limiting your alcohol intake to ensure sleep apnea severity.

Alcohol relaxes your throat muscles that control breathing. This may lead to snoring and interrupt sleep repetitively. Furthermore, It can lead to infection in your airways and block airflow.

Use oral appliances

Your dentist recommends oral appliances for sleep apnea treatments and repositioning your jaw or tongue to keep your airways open.

These are of two types mandibular advancement devices and tongue stabilizing devices. The mechanism behind them is the movement of the lower jaw or forward jaw to deceases the obstruction in your throat.

These appliances are affordable and over-the-counter (OTC) options to help your sleep apnea. You should visit a sleep apnea clinic midtown to know what is best for you.

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