Fans are an integral part of any industrial process. It is rare even for a small factory or manufacturing plant to not have an industrial process fan. Standard industrial fans are easily available in the market but, you cannot turn your manufacturing process into energy efficiency with these standard fans. Like every process and factory requirements are unique so are the functionalities of industrial process fans. It is therefore very important to comprehend that custom design blowers are more suitable for industrial needs.

But what are custom-built Industrial process fans?
Custom design industrial process fans are those fans that exclusive to factory requirements. Industrial fan ranges from small to large and even the pressure and volume ratios are diverse. The efficiency of every blower is unique. Too small or too big for a certain application will not solve the purpose. When you invest in a good blower for industrial applications it is imperative to check its energy efficiency too. Let’s know more about custom fans for industrial purposes by their advantages.

Benefits of custom-made industrial fans

• Industrial fans are very powerful and generate a large volume of air at lesser costs. The reason is the size of the blower. The fans are massive with a large diameter with heavy blades that are extremely efficient.
• Installing industrial fans can reduce the air conditioning cost as they do half of the job. You may not find the difference in the first few months; however, it is a long-term beneficial decision.
• The factories are generally very warm, and the rising temperatures make it very uncomfortable for the employees to work longer hours. It is, therefore, a necessity to install suitable industrial fans.
• In manufacturing units, the custom cooling blower assists in bringing the general temperatures down, or it may lead to fire and heat accidents.
• In certain factories, these bespoke fans help in reducing the humidity levels. The moisture can result in dampness in mold built-up which is not suitable environment to manufacture certain products.
• For chemical industries, these blowers are super essential as lots of toxic and unpleasant substances emit on daily basis and these fans help in cleansing the environment. As per the health and safety standards, it is important to install industrial fans to remove poisonous gases.
• Custom industrial fans can rotate in both directions – clockwise and anticlockwise. So it can be a tailor made fan according to the site requirement and applications.

Features of custom-built fans for industrial purposes
When you are seeking high-performing industrial fans then it is important to check the features like fan power, safety, blower volume, cost of equipment, the pressure of air, and control features. Different fans are available in various sizes, finishes, arrangements, material, frequency, additional accessories, motor types, and price ranges.

There are other features to check before ascertaining the industrial fan for investment – air density, the static pressure of the fan, volumetric flow rate, Fan Power and site applications. Only with a custom-built industrial process fan, you can make changes to the key specifications to fit the manufacturing process requirement, and this is not possible in a standard factory fan.

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