What are dental implants and types of prostheses on implants

A dental implant is a medical device that is inserted into the bone of the jaw or maxilla by means of a minor surgical intervention with the aim of replacing a missing tooth. They are made from biocompatible titanium, a material that prevents any rejection reaction from the body and ensures its union with the bone.

Dental implants have a cylindrical threaded shape, with a length and diameter selected based on the quantity and quality of bone. These fulfill the role of the artificial root to which an abutment is screwed and the prosthetic crown that restores the final appearance of a natural tooth.

To plan the intervention, the dentist needs to perform imaging tests that allow the case to be studied individually, assessing the quantity and quality of bone to adapt the length, thickness, and direction of the dental implant that is ideal for each specific case.

The procedure is completely painless and is performed under local anesthesia, although there is the option of conscious sedation if the patient wishes to make the experience as comfortable as possible. It is a simple job and lasts a short time, although to have the teeth fixed you must wait between a few days and 6 months depending on the chosen protocol.

Types of prosthesis on implants:

– Single crown: It is used to replace a single tooth. It is a crown, made of different materials (zirconium, metal-ceramic, titanium) that are screwed or cemented to the previously placed implant. The aesthetics achieved is exceptional.
– Bridge on implants: This type of prosthesis is used when there is a situation of two or more missing teeth. A bridge with intercalated solid pieces is connected to the implants placed at the ends. Complete recovery of masticatory function is achieved.
– Overdenture: Prosthetic option chosen when there is a loss of all the teeth in an arch associated with very significant resorption of the gum and bone. The placement of between 4 and 6 implants is required.
– Hybrid Prosthesis: This type of prosthesis rests on the implants placed. Indicated in patients with considerable bone resorption and gum loss. The placement of between 4 and 6 implants is required. It is a fixed option. It can only be removed by the dentist for cleaning at check-up appointments.
– Fixed prosthesis: Full-arch dental prostheses that are screwed or cemented on 6-8 implants. They are made of materials that achieve excellent aesthetics and function.

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