What are different types of personal statements?

Writing a personal statement is very different from conventional write-ups. Undoubtedly, it’s a daunting and challenging task for most individuals. A personal statement is a written description of one’s experience, interests, and accomplishments as a basis for an application. So, you need to get it right under all circumstances. However, writing a personal statement for college/university will be very different from the one required for a job. You can get further insights on this aspect by connecting with experts offering personal statement help. Let’s have a look at the personal statement types:

University personal statement: Gone are the days when a personal statement was considered to be relevant only in the professional realm. Nowadays, framing a personal statement is also common in the academic sphere. The objective of a university personal statement should be different from a personal statement for securing a job. According to experts offering personal statement and cover letter writing service, the best way to structure the university personal statement is to make clear paragraphs while including the following aspects:

  • Reasons for your interest in a certain academic discipline.
  • Why you are suitable
  • Are your current studies in the field of any relevance?
  • Your related interests and hobbies
  • Your skills and achievements to date

A school leaver personal statement: Even if you have little experience in the professional arena, you can boost your chances of grabbing the job offer by crafting an intriguing personal statement that addresses the below questions:

  • Why do you want to work in a particular industry?
  • What skills/traits make you the best fit for the role
  • What is your career aim? You can also include soft skills that give employers a better understanding of your personality traits. Consult with professionals providing personal statement writing help service for the desired outcomes.

A personal statement after being unemployed: Unemployed and redundancy are two tricky situations to be in. However, your approach will be to turn a negative experience into a positive one while writing a personal statement of this type. Here, your emphasis should be on your employment history and instantly address the reason for being unemployed. If you are seeking help with personal statement, connect only with experienced professionals and ghost writer.

A personal statement after having a career break: Taking a career break isn’t a negative thing. In fact, you have to explain why you took the break in your career. You must be confident enough to address it. The clearer your state the reasons, the higher will be your chances of getting that particular job. Since you can’t explain the career gap in your resume, you should use the personal statement to cope up with this shortcoming. Here, your aim will be to inform the employer regarding the skills you acquired at that time. Also read: GPA Calculator College

A career change personal statement: If you are fancying a change in career, it isn’t a bad thing. While writing your personal statement for the same, you get the perfect opportunity to encompass USPs and transferable skills that are relevant to the job. Including numbers and statistics will give meaning to your words, proving that you have the competency to bring the same level of success to any sector and job position.

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