What Are Different Types of Pneumatic Power Tools?

“If you are aiming to buy any type of pneumatic power tools, then this article will be really helpful for you. To know more, read in detail”.

Looking to buy a manual tensioner online? Before you place your order you should know about the different pneumatic tools and their uses. From the below article, you can get a comprehensive guide about different pneumatic tools. Read the article till its end and know about them.


Drills are specific types of pneumatic power tools. You can come up with a handheld drill with an ergonomic handle that protects against vibration. Drills are generally used for both boring and fastening. The pneumatic power drill is used by combining the electric power drill with the air hose. The pneumatic power drill looks like an electric pistol grip drill. The only difference is that it uses compressed air whereas the electric drill uses force.

Air Impact Wrench

This is another most important pneumatic tool that you can see. This air Impact Wrench is available in many automotive repair shops, body shops and garages. The air impact wrench is very effective for fixing the nuts and bolts in any car and motorcycle. The mechanics generally buy manual sealer for its high torque that easily removes sticks and delicate stubbornness.

Air Ratchet

The air ratchets are one of the most popular pneumatic tools in the auto industry. The purpose of using an air ratchet is to fasten and loosen fasteners. But the air ratchets generally have less torque when compared to air Impact wrench. The only drawback of the air ratchet is the lack of an internal hammering mechanism. Usually, the technician manages this by loosening the nuts/bolts while doing its work.

Manual Strap Cutter

Another strapping tool is manual strap cutter that is used to strap from different price ducts. It can even be operable in all grades of steel strap with 10-32 mm width. The manual Strap Cutter is generally interchangeable and has more than one edge top cutter blade that ensures longevity.

Pneumatic Screwdriver

The pneumatic screwdriver may seem a bit smaller than a pneumatic drill, but the overall ergonomics are the same here. It comes with a handle with an air inlet at its bottom that makes the screwing and unscrewing mechanism easy. As the pneumatic screwdriver weighs less, you can prevent over-tightening it while using it.

Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is one of the most important tools for carpenters and construction workers. Generally, it needs an air compressor for working. But the furniture makers generally use it for cutting through drywall, plywood, etc. Apart from that, the pneumatic saw can easily cut through tiles, sheet metal and pipes.

Pneumatic Grease Gun

The pneumatic Grease gun generally helps to lubricate different equipment such as lawnmowers and chainsaws. Most of them come with a single shot capability that delivers up to 600 psi within the input pressure of 60-120 psi. But some of the advanced versions can deliver up to five ounces within one minute. The specifically designed air bleeder valve can eliminate the air pocket easily. You can buy the pneumatic grease gun while using any grease gun with an in-line hose swivel so your visionary narrow crevition.


Now you have the list of different types of pneumatic power tools. You should buy a tool according to your needs. Before you purchase any manual tensioner, you can connect with the manufacturer to get detail led guidance. With their guidance, you can use it properly.

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