What Are Different Types Of Strapping Methods?

“If you want to know about the strapping methods, then this article will be helpful for you. Read in detail”.

Strapping is one of the most common methods of the packaging industry that provides secured pallets. Whatever the load type is – every load should be burdened with the right pneumatic tensioner. 

While there are different strapping methods available, you should understand the differences between them. Here are different types of strapping and their benefits are discussed below.

Steel Strapping:

For heavy duty strapping, the steel is one of the best options you can go for. The steel strapping is known for its robust quality that makes it perfect for heavy load particularly good for the industrial packaging purpose.

Nowadays you can easily get manual steel strap sealer online. This tool is made with a different range of steel alloy. Due to the firmness of the steel, it doesn’t make the load lose its shape as it doesn’t get proper space to move. The steel strap can also protect the corners and edge of the load.

Pneumatic Tensioner is one of the most expensive types of strapping that deliver products at its best.

Benefits Of Steel Strapping

  • The steel Strapping is extremely durable
  • The steel strap is for the heavy and large load.
  • Generally used for industrial items.
  • The steel Strapping is ideal for extreme outdoor and indoor conditions.

Polypropylene Strapping

The polypropylene Strapping is generally used for light to medium bundling. This type of strapping is the most popular type of strapping. The strap is extremely light that makes it ideal for the light loads like food, timber, etc. The polypropylene strapping is available in various types and colors also. So, the customer can order them in custom to print their brand for identification and marketing purposes. It comes with supreme elasticity that holds the load of pallets.

Benefits Of Polypropylene Strapping

  • The polypropylene Strapping is available at lower cost than the others.
  • Can hold products for a long time.
  • Used for light loads.

Polyester Strapping

This is another commonly used strapping material. The customers often get confused to get polypropylene and polyester as quite similar for its lightweight and less expensive feature. But durability and strength make the polyester different from the polypropylene. As this strapping is both strong and durable, it can be used as the alternative of steel strapping.

However, the polyester strapping can not be ideal for the loads that may shrink after sometimes. The polyester Strapping retain high tension for a long time, making it perfect for packing the specific types of load that may shift during the transfer.

The polyester strapping and pneumatic sealer prevents strap from degradation even in outdoor conditions. Application of this kind of strapping is quite different from others. It can be applied with manual or automatic tools to make the process easier. You can buy pneumatic sealer online by sitting at the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Polyester Strapping

  • They are lightweight
  • Economical packing option
  • Can take high level of tension


These are different types of strapping and their benefits. You should decide the packaging materials depending on your load type and budget. Contact the best packaging business near you to decide the most suitable one for your load. There are many distributors offer high quality pneumatic tensioner online. To find the right one, do an extensive research before buying such tools online.

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