What are Google Meet Meeting Codes and How Can You Use It?

A majority of employees and businesspersons are working from home, and in such situations, video conferencing apps bear a lot of importance. Well, there are many apps that you can consider as perfect video conferencing apps. Amongst those apps, Google Meeting is a popular and useful app. Some apps require you to have an account on their application before using it, but with Google Meeting, there is no restriction because you can use your Gmail account. To join a meeting with your colleagues, a joining code is necessary. Without the meeting code, you can’t enter the meeting.

Google Meet Meeting Codes

What’s Up with Google Meeting Codes?

Google Meet was the part of G Suite applications, but Google has now made it available for free for a particular time. With the help of Google Meet, you can interact with your friends, family, colleges by providing them meeting code or using one to enter a meeting.

Google Meeting Code is a unique code that everyone doesn’t have. If you don’t have the code of any meeting, you cannot join that specific meeting. There is also a link method of joining the meeting, but you also need to have a meeting code to join the meeting. You can copy-paste the code in the meeting request box to enter, but the most important thing is to have the code.

How to Use Google Meet Codes?

The first thing you need to know about Google Meet is that it is a free application. Whether you have a G Suite subscription or not, you can use Google Meet without paying a penny. All the users who want to use Google Meet, need to have a Gmail account to participate in the meeting. You can make a room, or you join one if you have a unique join code of the room. Anyone from the meeting can share the code with you. To use the code of the meeting, here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to meet.google.com and enter the code for entering the room box.
  2. If you have copied the room code, then you can paste it as well.
  3. With the help of the Gmail account, join the room.
  4. Enter the unique code into the Google Meet on the left side.
  5. With the help of Google Calendar, you can enter the Google Meet through “Google Meet invitation.” The invitation will take you directly into the room, but you have to enter the code.
  6. Mention the code and tap on “Join.”
  7. The meeting display will show, “Ask to join.”
  8. If you are already using G Suite and have a mobile application, you can use it in the mobile app and enter the meet by providing a code.

Once you follow these steps, you will see yourself in the meeting with other participants. Somebody who is already in the meeting will see your request to join, and they will accept it.

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