What are must-have stationery items before the school reopens?

School days, particularly the first day when the school reopens after holidays, are fantastic and nostalgic. The feeling, enthusiasm, hope, and the promise that your child will study harder than the previous session are brought with it. In short, a new determination is carried with it by the first day of school that they will do whatever they can to make this year more memorable, enriching and satisfying.

Now you need to let your child select their favourite school stationery products, regardless of whether you visit a stationery shop or choose to shop online, as they know what teachers have or will ask for. It is going to be a wonderful visit, so stay focused and get ready.

  • The Minimum Essentials

There is a school kit in each class that will come in handy. These are also the minimum that any child, including yours, should have to do well. Getting these stationery products will help your child do their homework and efficiently handle the first few weeks at school. The minimums will include:

  • A nice pencil box with essentials (Pencils/Erasers/Ruler/Sharpener etc.)
  • A basic kit of craft accessories (Colour Pencils/Crayons/sketch pens/glue/scissor/tape)
  • Notebooks of different types and sizes (Ruled/Plain etc.)
  • Files for filing notes and projects.
  • A practical and attractive set of school bag, lunch box and water bottle.


  • According to the subject

It is vital that, according to the subject, your child has all the stationery items. In any case, teachers of arts and crafts generally ask their students to bring a range of stationery pieces, ranging from colouring pencils, stencils, glue guns and adhesives, to name a few. In terms of crafts, during arts and crafts classes, children can learn about several things. Some classic pieces of stationery that your child may be asked to bring to school include:

  • Glitter powders
  • Wooden clips
  • Mosaic stones
  • Simulated fruits
  • Jute craft
  • Sponge flowers
  • Thread ropes
  • Eva foam sheets
  • Big foam boards

Similarly, a geometry box containing a ruler, compass, protractor, a set square, graph paper if the teacher asks for it, and a scientific calculator would be required by your child’s mathematics teacher. When stationery shopping, do not forget to get your hands on these and put them in kids school bags.

Given the sheer quantity of stationery, you are going to get for your kids, teaching them to keep it organised is crucial for you. In every other scenario, now and then, they might end up losing bits of stationery. Teach them right after they finish using them to keep their pencils, eraser, ruler, etc., in their pencil case. Do not forget to get them a year planner, dividers and an A4 ring-binder while you are at it, to keep their loose papers sorted.

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