What Are Non-Asbestos Gaskets and Their Uses

Non-Asbestos gaskets are the most crucial sheets that are made of using organic fibers, Aramid fibers, NBR, and Mineral Fibers by following all safety and quality standards of international level. These gaskets can be used for applications where water or oil resistance is required. Non-asbestos gaskets or their sheets are taken into use in low pressure apparatus, transformers, and compressors. These types of gaskets have been in industry for years. Their use has been complicated as raising concerns about health hazards due to asbestos that has led to manufacturers looking for alternatives. Asbestos, in the production process, is a concern only for the people who come in direct contact with the asbestos fibers on a regular basis. As soon as the asbestos fibers are placed in the gasket, it will be safe to use the gasket.

Asbestos fibers get divided into these thread-like fibers that can be accidentally inhaled mainly by the workers handling asbestos directly. Not to mention the thin fibers that can get accumulated in their lungs and lead to health issues. Latest the workers can get as severe as cancer. The asbestos hazard has been recognized by regulatory authorities. This is the main reason behind the increasing demand for non-asbestos gaskets for the safety of personnel during production.

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