What are Pterygoid Implants

Tubero pterygoid implants are designed specifically for patients who don’t have sufficient bones mass to accommodate traditional dental implants.

To tackle this issue and solve this problem Implants made of a single piece are precisely placed in the upper second molar area and at an angle so that you can make use of the robust and solid pterygoid bones that is located over your jaw.

What’s a Tubero-Pterygoid Dental Implant?

Tubero Pterygoid Implants by Dentist in Ghaziabad – Best Dental Surgeon in Ghaziabad, Delhi India – Simpladent the Best Dental Clinic in India are an ideal option for patients with a shortage of the amount of bone in their jaws. These types of implant the cortex of bone within the pyramidal process, as well as the pterygoid bone plates are used to fix the implant to jaw bone. Similar to zygomatic implants they are used when a patient has suffered a substantial reduction in bone.

Advantages of Implants for Tubero Pterygoid Dentistry

There are numerous advantages of choosing a dental implant over the other replacement alternatives for missing teeth, such as:

Convenient & Comfortable

All throughout the day, it gives excellent security, with no screws loosening, and there is no need of regular removal (unlike the situation with prosthetic tooth).

Natural Feel

Create your own unique 14 teeth by using near-to-perfect requirements of feel (e.g. eating food, talking) in addition to psychological aspects, aesthetics as well as maintenance.

One Procedure

Other procedures, for instance, sinus lifts or bone grafts are not necessary, so you can have the tubero Pterygoid Dental Implants in one visit.

This reduces the time required for treatment, as well as the cost and complications.

Do I Need Tubero Pterygoid Dental Implants?

You may need dental implants if:

If you’ve been identified not suitable to receive dental implants it’s because you’re not having enough bone mass in your upper jaw.

If you’re missing lots of teeth in the upper portion of your jaw

If you have a teeth that are failing or loose in the upper jaw area,

If you wear an unsatisfactory complete or partial upper denture.

If you’re worried about wearing an upper-denture then you must be.

Stage 1: Preparation Stage

Intraoral scanners, as well as impressions (also called scans) of your mouth and also how dark your existing and future teeth, are taken at the beginning of your appointment.

  1. Placing Of Tubero Pterygoid Implants

Food Consumption Prior to the Procedure

On the day of the appointment of your tubero-pterygoid dental implant It is advised to avoid eating for four hours prior to the procedure.


Before starting the procedure, the areas that are needed will be completely numbed using the local anaesthetic in order to ensure that you won’t experience any discomfort throughout the whole procedure. It’s just a tiny amount of tension or vibrations.

You can also place yourself with IV sedation prior the procedure or under general anaesthesia, depending on your individual requirements and your personal treatment strategy.

Removal of Teeth and Insertion of Dental Implants Tubero Pterygoid

Your dentist will handle any extractions that are required for the teeth affected. Then your dentist will insert the tubero-pterygoid implants within your upper jaw.

Interim Tubero Pterygoid Bridge Prostheses

Our lab in-house will begin creating custom tubero prostheses to fit bridges to be used for a few days after your prostheses will be made permanently.

The interim prostheses are bonded to the implant fixture during the same procedure, and completely restoring your smile’s appearance and function on the on the same day.

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