What are Relocated Items in macOS Catalina and Can You Delete Them?

After updating the macOS Catalina 10.15, you might see a newly named folder on desktop as “Relocated Items.” This new folder named Relocated Items might look weird or scary to you, but you probably don’t need to worry about this. It’s a normal thing in macOS after upgrading. Before making any statement or assumptions in mind, you should know about what are Relocated items and its folder, and what you need to do about this.

What is Relocated Items Folder in macOS?

Apple didn’t say anything about this new type of folder, and that is why most of the users aren’t taking it as an obvious item. However, your concern is quite fair, but you don’t have to take any major steps for it if you don’t know what it is. It is just a “Relocated Item Folder” that can be related to anything in macOS program software that it doesn’t like. When you command your Mac about the upgrade, it begins checking the data and existing files of every location. It checks if there isn’t any damaged or unauthorized file exists in the device. Yet, if there is any similar type of file exists, then the system puts it into “Relocated Items Folder.”

One more thing about this unknown item is that this specific folder isn’t actually a folder, but it’s a shortcut to the folder at “/Users/Shared/Relocated Items”. So without any hesitation, you can remove this Relocated Item Folder from Mac because the original file is stored at “/Users/Shared/Relocated Items”.

Can You Delete Everything from Relocated Items in macOS?

Well, if you want to delete, then you can possibly delete that, it completely depends on you. However, before making up your mind of deleting the Relocated Items Folder, you need to check if the files like PDF or any other file it contains isn’t important to you. Do not delete the folder if you haven’t checked up the files.

You can delete the shortcut Relocate Items Folder because the original folder is still somewhere safe. This shortcut doesn’t take much space, but if still, you are not happy by seeing this folder then just delete it. Your important files will be safe even if you delete the shortcut. Everything you open in the program that takes time, this small folder takes some of the data to store. This also helps you in the fast processing, but there is no use of keeping the same folder on the desktop screen.

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