Add Research Limitations In Your Thesis

Every research work has its limitations due to constraints on research design or methodology. These factors impact the final findings and outcomes of the study. The inclusion of this part in your research may address the potential weakness of your study. However, it may also inform the readers that you are aware of them and have a great understanding of your topic.   

 Research Limitations

  • Sampling Errors

It usually occurs when a sampling method do not reflect the appropriate sample population. It results in a limitation known as “sample bias” or “selection bias.”

  • Insufficient Sample Size

It is essential to have a sufficient sample size for conducting a valid study. Usually, large sample sizes are preferred to get the desired results. It is because a small sample size makes it difficult to generalize the statistical measurement.

  • Limited Data Access

Sometimes your research involved specific people or organizations, and you might have limited access to these respondents. In such a case, you need to explain the reason for limited access and have to design your research differently.

  • Time Constraints

Time constraints may also affect the quality of the research. Students have deadlines available for completing their assignments. Therefore, make sure to choose a topic that will be completed well before the deadline.

An Infographic guide to help you selecting the right research paper topics:research paper topic







How to Add Limitations in Your Study?

Whenever you discuss the limitations, don’t just list it. Instead, explain how they are affecting your findings. There are ways to add them to your study:

  •  Identify the Limitations

The first step is to identify all the limitations that have affected your research study. Write a 200-500-word critique in the limitation research about it.

  •  Explain How They Have Impacted the Research

The next important step is to explain the nature of these limitations and how they have impacted your research. This part should comprise around 60-70% of the limitation section.

  •  Propose Suggestions for Future

Lastly, suggest some alternatives to overcome these limitations in the future. Also, discuss the pros and cons of these alternatives.

Adding study limitations to your research is not as difficult as it seems to be. However, the overburdening of the assignments in a limited time often confused the students. Consequently, they end up contacting a write essay for me service to get their work done. However, you can also undertake this task yourself by following the above steps. 

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