What are Round Bars?


One form of product created from steel materials is Round bar. Various industries employ Round bars in a variety of grades. Because of their durability and ability to resist corrosion, stainless steel bars are employed. The chromium content might change along with the makeup. The corrosion resistance increases with increasing chromium content. They offer resistance to pitting corrosion and are quite effective in acidic environments. Hans Metal India is the biggest Stainless Steel Round Bar Manufacturers in India and Round Bar Manufacturer in India.

Types of Round Bar

Round Bar Manufacturer and Supplier in India – Hans Metal India

One of India’s top manufacturers of round bars is Hans Metal India. High-quality materials are used to make round bars. It can be utilised for a number of things and has great mechanical qualities. One of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel round bars in India is Hans Metal India. Stainless Steel Round Bar is the most popular industrial product that customers desire as the steel industry expands daily. have a wide range of Round Bar and Stainless Steel Round Bar available in different quality and materials. These Round Bars and Stainless Steel Round Bars are manufactured by experienced team and advanced machining technology. This Stainless Steel Round Bar and Round Bars goes through different quality checks and are inspected.

 Application of Round Bar?

  • SS Round Bar used in Automobile Industry

  • Naval Brass Round Bar used in Ship Building & Repairs

  • SS 304 Round Bar used in Defense Applications

  • Monel Round Bar used in Areospace Industry

  • Alloy 20 Round Bar used in Oil and Gas Industry

  • Inconel Round Bar used in Sugar & Chemical Industry

  • Aluminium Round Bar used in Paper Mills

  • Round Bar used in Fertilizer Industry

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