What Are Route Planners

A route planner is a search engine that specializes in creating optimal paths for traveling between two or more locations. Route planners are not limited to two locations or one mode of transportation. The searches on this engine could be based on different criteria for the best optimization like fastest route, the cheapest mode of transport, shortest route, and even fewest changes between stops.

What Is Route Planning?

Route planning is a detailed process of planning which takes into consideration different factors like traffic, weather, etc, and provides real-time tracking of orders for customers. This explicit process not only tracks orders but also optimizes the routes, enabling quicker delivery time, and fewer stops creating a more profitable logistics business.
Are Route Planners Important?

Route planning is very important. It is not just important to regular people trying to get somewhere on time but for businesses especially those in the logistics industry. For a logistics company, planning routes is of utmost importance. There are numerous deliveries with many stops on the way over and if not properly planned can lead to delay and inefficiency.

While for many years manual route planning and scheduling had been employed, this cannot be used in this day and age where same-day delivery is available. To get the orders to customers as soon as possible with little to no hitches requires a route planner. Route planning software optimizes the journey, taking into consideration real-time events and avoiding delays like traffic while maximizing cost.

Why Do Traditional Route Planning Strategies Fail?

As earlier stated, traditional or manual route planning strategies may have worked in times past but with the commerce boom and the expectations of customers changing from waiting for a few days to same-day delivery new technology is needed. Those strategies are unable to cope with the rapid delivery orders.

  1. Dependency On Manual Expertise: Lack of automation required those strategies to depend fully on manual expertise. This, of course, didn’t allow for analysis of problems encountered, certain factors, and information that could affect the route and delivery time.
  2. No Real-Time Visibility: Being able to monitor a package from warehouse to doorstep prevents order mishandling and an increase in overall operations costs. It also helps tackle any issues that may arise in real-time.
  3. Poor Delivery Productivity: Lack of cost-effective route planning will lead to delivery not being made on time and not being able to keep up with the demands of the customer. There would also be delivery delays and poor customer experience.

Route Planning Softwares

There are numerous routing planning software that you can use for a more efficient business. Some are free while others need to be paid for. The free software have more limitations and you may not be able to make the most out of it, unlike the paid versions.

These software help in optimizing journey route leading to more efficient deliveries and a cost-effective business.


Route planners are search engines that specialize in creating routes that are the best for quick and easy movement from one point to another. With the advent of route planning software, deliveries can be faster and more effective creating profit for your business.

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