What are site manager qualifications and what benefits do they have?

What is a Site Manager?  

Often confused with a site supervisor role, a site manager is responsible for the overseeing of a given project. However, it is important to note that a site supervisor and site manager are completely different job roles. It is in fact the site supervisor who oversees the construction crew and the day to day work they do, whereas a site manager oversees the bigger picture. In the grand scheme of things, a site supervisor reports their findings back to a site manager. Therefore, site manager qualifications and previous experience are necessary to work within this field.


Skills and responsibilities covered in site manager qualifications

As a site manager you are expected to be well versed in the workings of a construction project. Experience within the field is necessary and it would be extremely rare for a construction novice to take on such a role. Hence the requirement for site manager qualifications.



A site manager is responsible for running the construction project and supervising the site. This includes the initial set up of the project, such as creating temporary office spaces and installing the appropriate facilities. Once the project is underway, they then oversee the project to make sure it is completed on time and on budget. One factor that implements this success if the team. A site manager is also responsible for taking on staff



A successful site manager will have many skills. Some of these are leadership skills such as interpersonal skills, verbal communicational skills, good team management skills. Others are more practical based such as business and time management. Finally, there are the theoretical skills, knowledge of building and construction and the use of good initiative. All of these skills together create the framework from a site manager who can effectively organise and direct a team towards successful completion of a project. Site manager qualifications help advance existing skills to a beneficial level.


The benefits of getting your site manager qualification 

Firstly, the salary of a site manager is very attractive to anyone looking to climb the construction career ladder. The average salary of a site manager with mid-level experience is roughly £40,000 per year. However, site managers with lots of experience and history within the role can earn up £65,000 per year. This is a very promising amount for a current construction worker looking to improve their career prospects. Furthermore, the working week is relatively standard, working on a Monday to Friday basis. The hours per week (37-39) are just below the national average. There may be the need for some weekend or public holiday work, but this is dependent on the project. Many companies offer overtime pay for such hours also.

Finally, site management is an easy career to progress into. Through experience and site manager qualifications you can start reaping the benefits within only a few years. The role is very in demand, there is always the need for site management. Moreover, following voiced concerns over the quality of construction within the UK, employers are readily recruiting trained site managers.


How to achieve site manager qualifications 

Many employers won’t hire a site manager without them having previous site management qualifications. Meaning that in order to enter this line of work, you will need to attend some form of higher education. There are a few options available for prospective learners to explore, each suited to different needs and learning styles.

One of the most popular methods is university. This is the most popular for those who have just finished full time compulsory education. It can be studied both full time and part time and the course content varies depending on the chosen location.

Next you have apprenticeships. This is probably the fastest way in becoming a site supervisor for those who have no previous experience. This can land you with a job on construction whilst you experience on the job training. Moreover, you may need to attend a theorical learning setting depending on who you study with.

Lastly, there is learning whilst working. This is probably the best option for those who have already been working in construction and are just looking at improving their skills. This one is also very suited to the money conscious as you can earn whilst you work. If you are thinking of advancing your skills whilst working, most employers will happily point you in the right direction.


Site Manager qualifications online 

To anyone looking at getting a career in site management, there are multiple site manager qualifications available. It is important that you explore a few courses and work out which is best suited to your current needs and lifestyle. Online courses require a sense of commitment and self-motivation and this needs to be considered. The CIOB Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in Site Management offered by the College of Contract Management is a great option for anyone looking to learn whilst they work. In addition to this, the team of lecturers and course admin will provide support and motivation throughout the duration of the course. The course is hosted part time and lectures are attended out of working hours. This means you can maintain full time employment whilst studying.



Working as a site manager can very tricky work. Yet through the implementation of site manager qualifications you can learn the skills and theory necessary. Further to that, if you learn via an online course or apprenticeship, you can apply what you learn in a practical sense whilst you work. It is worth exploring your options before enrolling on a course as it does require commitment, but it will be worth it in the end. With the promise of a great salary and decent working hours, site management qualifications become an obvious choice of progression.


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