What are Snapchat Ads?

What are Snapchat Ads?


This is the age of filters, selfies, and stories that generate sales!

As the world shifts to sharing unabashed, uncensored, and random pictures and videos of their daily life online, the Social Media Networks are soaring high on numbers and transforming into a marketplace for brands!

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media networks.

Providing a platform to share random unfiltered and unique moments with friends and family – Snapchat introduced us to the feature we so profoundly call ‘stories’

Today, Snapchat hosts about 238 million daily active users who, on average, open the app almost 25+ times in a day.

Over 60% of these active users are creating fresh content daily!!!

Snapchat is one of the most-visited apps on smartphones and holds the potential for engagement.

Snapchat’s users use the app for fun and to connect with friends/family, a feature that drove the audience to Snapchat in the first place!

Snapchat is different!

While other platforms boast of posts that are too refined and stay on the timeline for years, Snapchat came along as a light-mood and fun app that allowed users to show their real-life, unedited, and natural selves (read Behind-the-scene stuff) that lapse every 24-hours.

While these short-lived stories are great for interaction and connection, are these 24-hours enough for brands to create an impact and generate sales from potential customers?

Is it viable for Indian brands to try such short-period impacts for paid ads?

Is it worth it to invest in paid ads on Snapchat?

Let’s find out!

Snapchat Ads – what are they?

Anyone who has been on Snapchat knows that it is one of the most unique, AR empowered apps that can brighten up your mood in a jiffy.

Engaging Filters, astounding Lenses, Face Swap, unique highlights, etc. – It is a diverse platform!

While a lot of fun surrounds the Snapchat vibe, brands can capitalize on the unique creativeness that comes through it to drive the audience and generate sales.

Snapchat currently allows for 3 types of ad formats i.e. Snap Ads, Filters and Lenses,


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