What are some chic jeans types for men in 2019?

Although there are many different types of pants & bottom wear for men. However, jeans have a special place in all the fashion apparels for men. Hardly are the chances that a man has not worn jeans even at least once in a lifetime. Also, jeans can be paired with any kind of upper wear, footwear, and accessories. Therefore, it is much liked by men of all age groups and style taste. Different types and styles of jeans also make it a very savvy choice for fashion fanatics. Here we are sharing some of the chicest types of jeans for men in 2019.

Slim fit jeans or moderately skinny:

Slim fit or moderately skinny jeans is my personal favorite and you might too. It is the most sold and most worn jeans type until today. Slim fit jeans are basically a type of pant that is a little fit in the legs. However, it is not as fit like skinny jeans, therefore, is called skinny jeans. Slim fit is the best jeans for people having average or below average weight, however, for overweight people who have heavy legs, skin fit jeans might not be a good option.

Skinny jeans:

Skinny jeans are another popular and trendy style of jeans for men in 2019. It is the fittest type of jeans and is totally wrapped around the legs. Skinny jeans are the latest trend in 2019 and it seems to be very strong among youngsters. Skinny jeans are good for people with moderate legs if your legs are too skinny or too fat, skinny would not look a perfect style on you.

Cotton pants:

Although cotton pants are not purely jeans still we have made an exception for these in our list.  Because of the booming trend and love of people wearing them, these have become a must-have for every stylish man. Cotton pants are basically made of cotton and are very classy. To complete your collection of bottom wear with ultimate stylish & trendy items, having cotton jeans is a must.

Regular jeans:

Regular jeans are basically a normal pant with no extra fitting or any kind of style. Regular jeans are also very trendy and if worn with a style statement can easily supercharge your style. The best part of regular jeans is that it looks chic with any kind of apparel. Also, normal fitting can be worn by people of any group regardless if they are skinny or chubby. If you are looking to buy, men’s jeans online shopping in Pakistan via Naqad.pk is the best way to find some good quality jeans.

Baggy jeans:

Baggy jeans are once again coming back into the fashion. Also, these were never out of fashion for fat and chubby people. If you are a person with chubby legs, baggy jeans are the perfect style for you. Baggy can be easily paired with any kind of shirts including t-shirts & casual shirts.

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