What are some good ways to keep your tools rust free?

Rust often leads to corrosion and an unreparable damage if neglected over time, moreover it results in endless frustration and a thump of pending tasks. The good news is you don’t have to throw your tools just because they’ve accumulated rust. By following some simple tips you can have your tools handy and rust free whenever you need them.
How Does Rust Accumulates?

Rust forms on metals when its surface is in contact with water for a length of time. It is formed as a result of chemical process called oxidation when water and oxygen bonds with the iron. Other metals and stainless steel do not rust but they can definitely corrode.

How to Remove Rust From Tools ?

Using sandpapers is a good efficient method to start removing rust from tools. Definitely it will not take all of the rust but this method gets a bit of rust and give you a good start by lightning the thicker patches of rust.

Once the tool is brushed and well sanded a combination of vinegar and salt works fine for the home tools and equipments. Vinegar is one of the best natural cleaners to attract rust. In order to remove rust from small items like hand tools, knives, soak them in the bowl of vinegar and make sure it sits for overnight. Scrub the item with the steel wool or metal brush and there you go! This is a slow method but definitely an effective one.

What for Industrial Tools and Equipments?

The above formula works fine for home equipments and tools but is surely not a good way for industrial equipments and tools. They require a safe and much effective method to keep themselves rust free. A good quality rust remover that possess non corrosive and non flammable properties can be used. Also it is better to ensure that the rust remover must have safe acid technology and is a Zero VOC product. These rust removers can serve the purpose to clean rust from tools, engine components, machine parts, fasteners or any part that can be safely submerged in the liquid.

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