What are some of the trendiest tile designs of 2021?

Tiles play a significant role in the making of any home. Tiles serve more than just their function as a protective surface for areas of your home. They play an essential role in the interior design of your home by creating an atmosphere that adds to the look and feel of your home.  

Today, one can hardly imagine building a home without tiles! So, here we break down top tiles design and trends of 2021 through this blog, so you all know what to look forward to in 2022 while planning to upgrade your home!  


1) Wood Look tiles   

Wood-look tiles were one of the latest indoor and outdoor floor trends adopted in 2021 and expected to stay a little longer, capturing the beauty of natural timber. The wood-look tiles evoke calm environments and a sense of nature. The colour of the wooden tile does not fade, and its finish has been well-maintained for several years, so it looks fresh overall in long run. It is one of the contemporary tile trends designs of 2021 and could opt for an ultra-modern-looking home in the future as well. 

2) Larger Format Tiles    

‘Bigger is better!’  

Larger tiles make your room look bigger!  

Additionally, larger tiles = fewer grout lines. Win, win!  

Larger format tile is in trend, and they even make the home look spacious. This tiles design lends itself well to contemporary design and a more minimalist approach. Big tiles are an excellent look for a larger space or even small space as they contribute to the feeling of freedom and airiness and making it a perfect choice for giving spacious vibes to the home. 

3) Stone and Marble look tiles    

These tiles are considered very fashionable today as it helps giving your home an attractive and desired look. These tiles are durable, stylish, versatile, and cost-friendly. They have an aesthetic touch, which makes your home environment calm and soothing. It offers a very regal look and gives your home a timeless charm.  

Trends come and go, but these are a few tile trends and tiles design of 2021, which will stay a bit longer and continue being in 2022 with us, making it a smart choice for your home!  

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