What are stake pools?

A staking pool enables many customers to combine their sources and take part within the protocol without the need of personally worrying about running and validating nodes. If you need to participate (delegate) inside a staking pool then neither you need any constant internet connection nor you have to monitor the token value all of the time. The stake pool node does all these jobs on your behalf. Get extra details about cardano staking pool

The stake pool is the key element of the Cardano PoS protocol that represents the combined stake of pool users as a entire and is accountable for processing transactions and making new blocks. To keep security and network liveliness the protocol demands a enough number of nodes to become online. And in return, the stake pool operators are rewarded with incentives.

Prerequisites for stake pool operators

The following issues are mandatorily needed to get a Cardano stake pool operator:

Knowledge concerning the initial environment set up.

The node desires to be active all of the time i.e 24*7*365.

Should have system operation capabilities i.e in a position to run and retain Cardano node.

Information relating to server maintenance and operation activities.

Experience of development and operations.

Familiarity with Prometheus or Grafana for alerts and monitoring, or some other monitoring framework of the decision.

Minimum requirements for running a stake pool

Following hardware requirements are necessary:

4 GB of RAM

24 GB of tough disk space

a great network connection and about 1 GB of bandwidth per hour

a public IP4 address

Note that operating a stake pool just isn’t majorly dependent on processor speed.

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