What are Stem Cell Treatment And List of Diseases that Can be Cured?

Breakthroughs and advancements in medical science have made a lot of treatments possible. One of the most popular is stem cell treatment. The treatment uses stem cells in treating certain conditions.

What are stem cells?

These are cells that generate all the other specialized cells in the human body. Developed in the right conditions, these cells can divide to form daughter cells, which can become new stem cells that self-renew or may be turned to specialized cells, the Mayo Clinic explains.

What can stem cells do?

Stem cells have plenty of uses. They can repair and regenerate damaged tissue. That has the potential to save lives in countless ways. More than repairing wounds or restoring damaged tissue, stem cells can do a lot to improve a patient’s quality of life.

  • Regenerate tissues. Stem cells can regrow new healthy cells. For patients with severe burns, doctors can graft the tissue onto the affected area. The stem cells will work to grow new skin over the damaged tissue.
  • Repair damaged tissue. Stem cells can repair damaged skin, which can impact a lot of conditions. For instance, those with chronic pain conditions can receive stem cell therapy to eliminate the pain, improving their quality of life tremendously.
  • Replace diseased cells. Because stem cells can grow new, healthy cells, it can be used to replace diseased or damaged tissue.
  • Used for testing drugs. Scientists can create specialized cells out of stem cells. Those cells can be used to test how safe and effective a new drug is. With specialized cells, scientists have an easier and safer way to test out drugs, which can positively affect the development of medicines in the future. Results on the specialized cells can help scientists determine the effects of the drug in the most accurate way possible.

What can it treat?

There are many diseases and conditions that stem cell therapy can treat. Look over the list for some of them:

  • Treatment for heart diseases. Human stem cells have been used to create blood vessels. Those stem cells have produced networks of blood vessels in laboratory mice, Medical News Today says. Scientists believe it won’t be long now before the same technology is used to treat people with heart disease.
  • Treatment for brain diseases. Because of their regenerative quality, stem cells may be used to treat damaged tissues in the brain as well. That’s one reason for Parkinson’s stem cell treatment options. Stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are possible, with stem cells able to create specialized brain cells to solve the problem.
  • Therapy for deficient cells. People with diabetes lack insulin-producing cells. Stem cell therapy could regenerate those cells or replace them, which can help cure the condition.
  • Blood disease cure. Stem cells can also be used to treat blood diseases like leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and other problems linked to one’s immunodeficiency system.
  • Treatment for autism. Stem cell therapy for autism is also a possibility. Autism is disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact socially. Stem cell treatment for autism can reverse the abnormalities that result in autism. Stem cell therapy can reduce the inflammation and ease symptoms.

How do I get stem cell treatment?

Look for facilities with an excellent reputation and track record. Many clinics and healthcare facilities have been providing stem cell treatment for years. Check the facility’s credentials and qualifications before you call and make an appointment for a consultation. Research your options and check out feedback from previous clients to get a sense of the staff and procedure. Taking these steps will help you find a facility that offers safe stem cell treatment.

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