What are the 3 Phases In The Dental Implant Surgery?


Placing the best dental implants Melbourne in patients can be an excellent way to replace missing teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence. But what does the implant surgery process look like? This guide will explain the three main phases of your dental implant surgery experience, helping you get ready for each step and feel confident in the decisions you make before, during, and after the procedure.

Phase 1: Placement Of The Implant

The first phase of dental implant surgery is the placement of the implant. This is a titanium post that will serve as the foundation for your new tooth. The surgery will be performed under local anaesthesia, and you can expect some swelling and discomfort afterwards. The implant will need to heal for several months before the next phase can begin. During this time, it is crucial that you avoid biting on anything hard or drinking hot liquids so as not to disturb the healing process. If there are any complications during this time, call your dental office right away.

Phase 2: Attaching The Abutment

During phase 2 of your digital dental implants Melbourne, the abutment will be attached to the post. This will be done by making a small incision in the gum tissue and attaching the abutment with screws. Once the abutment is in place, the incision will be closed with stitches. This phase usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Then, they’ll take an impression of your teeth and gums. This impression will be used to create a custom-made dental crown.

Phase 3: Fitting The Crown

The last phase of dental implant surgery is when the permanent crown is fitted. This usually happens 4-6 weeks after the initial surgery, once the implant has had time to heal and fuse with the bone. The fitting of the crown is a relatively quick and easy procedure. Once the crown is ready, your surgeon will permanently attach it to the abutment. And voila! You’ll have a brand new tooth (or teeth). But before you put away your toothbrush and bid farewell to dentists forever, you still need to maintain a good oral hygiene routine so that you can keep those pearly whites in tip-top shape.

Start by brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste; make sure you brush both the chewing surfaces as well as the inside surfaces of your mouth where bacteria can hide out while you sleep.


Dental implant surgery is a complex process that typically involves three distinct phases. The first phase is the placement of the implant, which is a titanium screw that serves as the root of the new tooth. The second phase is the attachment of the abutment, which is a connector piece that attaches the implant to the new tooth. The third and final phase is the placement of the new tooth, which is called a crown. All you have to do is compare the tooth implants Melbourne cost, and choose the right dentist who offers quality treatment at affordable fee structure.

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