What are the Advantages of Live Kitchens in Restaurants?

Live kitchens or open kitchens are one of the best ways to show your customers that the food you are making is top-notch and prepared in a safe, hygienic facility. If you have seen Hell’s Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, you know what we are talking about.

Open Kitchens or Live Kitchens are one of the trends that have caught up, especially in India. Live Cooking is an art form where chefs prepare their dish and serve it at the table. Several cuisines are now prepared live in many restaurants not only in India but all over the world.

While Indian diners received this new culinary art form as easily as they did global cuisine, fine dining, and a variety of other hospitality trends, what is truly commendable is how well Indian chefs have handled it. After being confined to their kitchens for ages with the freedom to function, organize and behave as they can, being pushed out to do what was never expected of them – i.e. communicate straight and function right in the presence of the customer could not have been easy.

Live cooking enhances the dining experience by making it dynamic and lively. It allows guests to personalize their favorite foods from the existing menu. Dishes like Parathas, Pastas, Noodles, and Chinese Fried Rice are popular at many restaurants and it’s fun for guests to add sauces and vegetables and watch the chef prepare a special meal right before them.

What are the Advantages of Live Kitchens in Restaurants

Here are some of the advantages of live kitchens in restaurants.

  1. Show Diners that you got nothing to hide

Diners in an open concept restaurant can see directly into your kitchen. Every step of the way, they can see their food being prepared. This level of openness will put your guests at ease.

Sanitary food preparation is critical to a restaurant’s long-term success. Your cooks’ attention to detail will demonstrate to diners that there is no danger of their becoming ill from your food. This is especially useful for people with food allergies, who can ensure that their dish is prepared safely for them.

  1. Chefs can prepare better food

Chefs rarely see just how diners appreciate their food in a closed kitchen. They can literally watch people react as they taste their food in an open kitchen. This real feedback can motivate chefs to improve their skills.

Customers will also have a positive connection with the chefs. Seeing how much work they put into their meals will help them appreciate each bite more.

  1. Make diners hungry

Delectable aromas have been shown to stimulate people’s appetites.

Once you’re sitting next to an open kitchen, the sights and smells of cooking become much more apparent. This may cause people to order more food than they intended. This would be great for your business – and for the morale of your kitchen team, even before they realize how popular the food is.

  1. Entertain your guests

Cooking shows are more popular than ever.

With an open kitchen, you are providing your customers with a live kitchen show. The best part is that, unlike the Food Network, your customers will get to eat what they watch being prepared!

  1. You Can Save Money and Space

It may well be difficult to locate enough space for the front of the house and a kitchen in a small restaurant. A kitchen design concept allows you to accommodate both in the same space.

This will also assist you in saving money on bills. Heating and electricity will only be required in one room. If you want to be an eco-friendly restaurant, this will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Taking the extra mile

The magic ingredient to making a live kitchen successful is the chefs’ behavior toward the guests, which is an entirely new experience for both the chefs and the guests. Aside from cooking skills, special training in effective communication, decorum, workplace hygiene, personal grooming, body language, and so on is also required. The importance of organizational skills, improved presentation, and preserving a professional demeanor at all times in restaurants must be maintained at all times.

Similarly, it is necessary for restaurants to train their staff in soft skills and the ability to communicate with guests with confidence. When it comes to live cooking, training should include soft skills as well as the ability to interact and converse confidently with the guests. The ability to handle the situation is another crucial skill that must be perfected. Eventually, training on cleaning and maintaining the cooking station, as well as personal hygiene, is critical because both the live kitchen and the chefs must appear presentable.

Live cooking is a major challenge, although on a much larger scale, during large crowd events such as corporate events, weddings, and so on. There are now very few weddings that do not include a live cooking station as part of the culinary offering. Cooking on the spot for hundreds of guests with unique requirements is no easy task, whether it’s something as simple as Chaat or something more modern like different kinds of Pasta, Rice, or Waffles. So, make sure that you prepare in advance such as providing adequate equipment, hiring extra staff with experience, etc. so that you can meet the demands of numerous guests.

Ample space near the live counters allows for free movement and quick movement of a large crowd. We emphasize optimum space usage in the ballroom at Deccan Serai Hotel which holds large events such as corporate functions, product launches, and weddings. Proper planning such as creating a list of available ingredients, selecting the appropriate equipment, and preparing the dish quickly, makes it convenient for the guests.

To sum it up, are live kitchens great for your restaurant?

Absolutely. The benefits of open kitchen restaurants are many as they can bring a lot of excitement and sophistication to your business.

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