What Are the Advantages of Premium Intranet over Free Intranet?

Intranet software is the basic requirement for every organization. If you don’t have any specific requirements, you can download free intranet software and implement it. But if you need something different, you need to buy and customize it as per the required functionality.

You can go for an easy-to-use intranet if you don’t want to invest in user training. The workflow of this software is pretty easy and given on the respective vendor’s website.

You can download and go through the entire manual to understand the process. You can also watch the videos for the same.

Free intranet software is cost-effective, but they have certain limitations, which are given below

  1. Less secure  

Security of data is very important for everyone. Free software does provide protection, but we cannot trust them completely.

Since an easy-to-use intranet is free, developing companies do not pay too much for data encryption and decryption features during communication, making them vulnerable to security breaches.

Secondly, the free software does not update the security protocols regularly after its release. The attackers can easily break through the security algorithm and steal sensitive information.

So if security is a critical issue for you, buy premium intranet software.  But if security is not your major concern, free software is the best option.

  1. No support and training facility

Another issue with free intranet software is that you don’t get any support in difficulty.

Suppose you have an easy-to-use intranet installed in your company, and suddenly it stopped working or not working properly; what will you do?

In such a situation, you will not get any support from the vendor. The only thing you can do is to uninstall the complete software and reinstall it.

It will take a long time to make the complete setup again, and all the company staff will remain free during this process.

But if you have premium software, you can call the support team, and they will help you out without needing a new setup.

This software has one more problem. You can’t get any training to use it if it is not clear to you from the given manual or videos.

  1. Limited functionality

Free intranet software has basic functionality. You can do only pre-defined works on it. If you require any new feature, it is not possible.

In that case, you have to buy new software with the required feature and need a data migration from the old system to the new system.

Implementation of a new system is not an easy process, and it can take weeks or even months sometimes for the new system to be fully functional, and for this duration, you have to compromise with your work.

You can easily request new functionality or feature in the premium intranet, and the vendor will be happy to provide it. He will charge some amount for it.

  1. Compatibility

You can also face compatibility issues with the free software. Some free intranet software might not work with Windows while others with Linux or Unix Operating systems.

But a paid intranet solution is always compatible with all OS.

  1. Advertisement issue

Some free software companies put commercial advertisements on them, which is very irritating at times.

But when you buy intranet software, you don’t get these advertisements while working, increasing your productivity.

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