What are the advantages of solar powered generators

It is always good to have a backup in life, especially when there is a power outage. Gas generators can do this, but they are loud, emit unpleasant smells, and need a place to store gasoline safely. They also contribute to climate change.

On the other hand, solar powered generators are clean, easy to use, and do not require fossil fuels. Moreover, with the improvement of solar technology, the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. They are particularly useful in emergency situations where other fuel supplies are cut off or difficult to obtain. solar powered generators usually capture solar energy through fixed or portable solar panels sold separately, convert it into electrical energy, and store it in batteries for later use.

What is the best generator for you? First, estimate how much power your home appliances, laptops and TVs need in the event of a power outage, or when you camp, stay away from the grid or travel in an RV, you need to power anything that needs power. An ordinary household refrigerator needs 100 to 400 watts this handy calculator provides information on the power required for other common items.

Once you know how many watts you need; Consider other features you want, such as USB charging ports and rechargeable batteries. You can avoid wasting your budget by choosing a functional generator to make the unit more efficient rather than more expensive.

What are the advantages of solar powered generators

When deciding which solar powered generator is suitable for you, you should consider which types of electrical appliances, tools and equipment need to be charged, and the frequency of traditional power supply. Here are some other suggestions to help you make your decision.

Solar panel

There are three common types of solar panels – single crystal solar panels, polycrystalline solar cells, thin film or amorphous crystal solar panels. Which each provide different levels of efficiency. Monocrystalline silicon plate is the most common, which is slightly more efficient than polycrystalline battery. Thin film battery panel is a new technology. It is light, flexible, durable, and cheaper than other types of battery panels, but its efficiency is only about half of other types. Sometimes they are included with the generator, and sometimes they are sold separately.

Battery capacity and rated power

solar powered generators run on stored energy, so you need to consider the capacity of the battery (the total amount of electricity stored). You also need to know the rated power (how much power is output at a time). High capacity and low power batteries usually provide less power for a long time.

Battery type

Lead acid and lithium ion are the most common choices. Lead acid is used to drive cars and other things, while lithium ion is often used to drive electric tools. They are increasingly used in solar powered generators because they are light. Although they are often more expensive than lead-acid batteries, they usually have a longer life, which saves the cost of replacing the batteries and avoids the batteries from being buried.

Charging controller

In order to regulate the current between the solar panel and the battery, the simplest controller cuts off the power supply when the maximum voltage is reached. This is not as effective as the model using three power point tracking (MPPT).


Converts direct current (DC) of solar panels into alternating current (AC), and inverters carry watt ratings to show the maximum output power they can produce. Pure sine wave inverter is more expensive but more efficient. But if you’re only going to use generators once in a while, they’re not necessarily a cost-effective option.


Will you use a solar powered generator at home or on the road? In consideration of portability, select units that are easier to carry and operate, and put each part in a strong box instead of individual parts.

Other functions

Please note that there are multiple USB ports and AC sockets, replaceable batteries, and LED panels to help you monitor the system in the dark. Finally, consider those products with warranty and those produced by companies with reliable solar industry qualifications.

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