What are the arrangements covered by auto insurance?

Having insurance can be a great advantage and relief in most cases, however, to avoid a bad time due to a misunderstanding, it is convenient that you know well what your policy covers, so that you do not expect more than what you will receive.

What coverage does your insurance have?

The first and most important thing will be to check if you have a wide or limited coverage, since this is what will define what your insurance will be able to cover.

In the case of having a broad coverage that covers repairs, it will be necessary for you to be clear about what type of repairs it includes, and the exclusionary clauses.

What repairs can I use my insurance for?

We recommend that, before making use of your policy, you quote the repairs for which you want to put your car in the workshop, since if its cost is less than the deductible, it is best not to take out the insurance. You can check the percentage of the deductible on the face of your policy.

What are the most expensive car repairs?

According to the Zurich specialists, these are the breakdowns in which you should use your policy:

  1. The gearbox: if the accident in which your vehicle was involved damaged the gearbox or the gearbox (applies to both standard and automatic cars), the cost of the repair can be up to 50 thousand pesos , depending on the car model.
  2. The injectors: Currently, almost all engines are based on gasoline injection, which is a measure that saves fuel. However, when damaged, they prevent the proper functioning of the car and its replacement can rise up to 20 thousand pesos.
  3. Cooling system: it is one of the most important in the car, as it ensures that all parts of the engine maintain good operation and prevents premature wear. Its repair, depending on the parts that must be changed, can be up to 35 thousand pesos.
  4. The crankcase: it is where the oil is stored and it tends to get perforated in accidents and, because it cannot be welded (although many workshops do, but it does not guarantee proper operation) but the complete part must be changed, it can lead to cost 20 thousand pesos, depending on the car model.
  5. The axle: if it breaks, it must also be completely changed, with an approximate cost of between 15 and 30 thousand pesos, depending on the vehicle.

It is important that you take this type of data into account when choosing an insurance, remember CompareGuru helps you choose the one that best suits your needs among multiple options.

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