What are the benefits of a 伦敦瘦脸针?

Due to the passing of the years and the incidence of agents such as stress, pollution, or exposure to the sun, we can see how facial aging is accelerating, showing a tired and sad face. For this reason, thanks to the benefits of 伦敦瘦脸针, many patients have been interested in performing this surgery.

Are you interested in knowing what it is and what are the benefits of a facelift? In this post, we show you everything you should know about this treatment.

What does a facelift consist of?

When we talk about 伦敦瘦脸针, we refer to a surgery in which the facial skin is tightened to mitigate facial folds and wrinkles. Thus, it is possible to correct the most visible signs of aging of our face.

To carry out this surgery, general anesthesia will be used and the patient will be admitted for 2 days to observe her progress. The surgical intervention will last around 6 hours and after 2 or 3 three weeks from the surgery, we will be able to return to our workplace.

What are the benefits of a facelift?

The 瘦脸针伦敦 can bring a large number of advantages to those who want to rejuvenate the appearance of their face, recovering tone, and smoothness.

Elimination of sagging skin:

As the birthday is celebrated, it is common for the skin of our face to lose elasticity and, as a consequence, certain folds to occur. Through a 瘦脸针伦敦 this excess skin can be eliminated, eliminating the flaccidity of our facial skin.

With this we will achieve that our face adopts a much more rejuvenated aspect, recovering our features and achieving smooth and uniform skin.

Face rejuvenation:

The main purpose after performing a facelift is to achieve the rejuvenation of our face. Through this treatment, an improvement in the aesthetics of our face becomes visible, obtaining greater harmony and vitality of the facial skin.

It is an ideal intervention to maintain the particular expressiveness of our face but recovering a younger and more vigorous appearance. That is, by tightening the skin of the face we maintain the characteristic facial features of the patient’s face, acquiring a natural result but improving the youth of our face and achieving a healthier and more delicate image.

Imperceptible scarring:

Thanks to the advances in plastic surgery and the wide possibilities that this area of ​​medicine presents, we can carry out a facelift intervention, making the scars of the surgery practically invisible.


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