What Are The Benefits Of A Restaurant POS System In Dubai?

If you do not have a restaurant epos system, you are missing an opportunity to capture more sales, help your team run efficiently, and improve user experience. The following are some benefits of implementing a restaurant POS System in Dubai.

Accept all payment options

Research shows that 17% of worldwide card payments will be made using cash by 2022. The pandemic has caused a sharp rise in the adoption of contactless payment and mobile wallets. Your guests expect to pay using whatever method they like: EMV chip, Apple Pay, gift voucher, and some other digital wallet option. A POS with integrated card processing empowers you to accept any type of payment. It’s a mutual benefit: your property never misses a sale, and your customer can checkout conveniently using their preferred payment method.

Improve guest loyalty

Many POS systems allow you to collect customer data. Transaction records are stored in a database that lets you know your customer visiting history, contact data when they last interacted with your restaurant, and some other relevant details you can use for marketing. Go beyond basic sales data and integrate your POS machine Dubai with your restaurant CRM and email marketing and your other platforms to get a complete picture of a visitor’s preferences and insights.

Better stock management

Managing or trying to cut down restaurant waste? Instead of dedicating staff time to ordering stock, keeping an eye on the supplies, and tracking sales, your restaurant POS system can be set up to manage stock. Use the device in your on-site restaurant to see when supplies are low and set up alerts when it is time to re-order.

Track and analyze your sales

Unlike a cash register, a hospitality epos system can let you know your restaurant financial doing. POS systems equipped with POS software Dubai to provide daily reports on your sales, customer behaviours, and staff efficiency. The same terminal you use to process cards can turn into the hub for employees to clock in and clock out. Analyze how your sales compare with the previous month, quarter, or same time last year.

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