What are the benefits of an authorized and independent electronic components distributor?

distributor of obsolete electronic components

distributor of obsolete electronic components

The worldwide semiconductor shortage has made many of us reexamine our past ways of conducting business. More than that, with whom we decide to work. Lead times stretch on for many weeks with some over a year. Many make it clear that things are not pulling back.

What can you do to improve your company’s tasks in period of uncertainty? The “old way” of doing things no longer works generally speaking. That includes limiting yourself to a specific distributor type and jumping ship when another option arrives.


Who is your smartest choice? Who can offer you cost-effective solutions without sacrificing productivity or quality as the world acclimates to the new normal?

An authorized and obsolete electronic components distributor can.


Authorized obsolete electronic components with an Independent Portfolio

When it comes to selecting an obsolete components supplierit’s a decision based on need. What exactly does your business need enough that one choice offsets the other? Is it true or not that you are a maker that frequently depends on obsolete electrical components due to the long shelf-life of your equipment? Or on the other hand, do you require large deliveries of components directly from the producer to keep production moving?

Greentree Electronics is an authorized and independent distributor of obsolete electronic components that provide solutions which are cost-effective and time-saving. As a distributor with authorized lines, authenticity is guaranteed and provides a function-fit-form warranty.

Greentree Electronics providestraceable and distributor offers clients shorter lead times by working with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).


Quality Assurance 

An authorized and independent distributor has a significant advantage in counterfeit risks, and quality management systems. These quality management systems are often more far-reaching and rigid than authorized obsolete electronics supplier. The military and clinical ventures have incredibly stringent regulations regarding electronic component usage.


Collaboration is Fundamental

The biggest advantage that come from an authorized and independent is called a collaborative advantage. The cooperative benefit is the advantage accomplished when people, associations, or societies attain more than they would have independently, by working effectively with others. Authorized and independent distributor of IC’s has a depth of knowledge and benefits to offer beyond their more specialized counterparts. An authorized and independent distributor of integrated circuits removes the headache of jumping from one distributor type to another. Everything done in one place means clients can focus on growing their business and maximizing productivity.

This establishment of such a solid relationship brought into the world of collaboration means when the going gets tough in future crises, your suppliers of obsolete electronic components have your back.


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