What are the benefits of Construction Camps?

The constant concern of the infrastructure sector anywhere in the world is the well-being of its employees. In order to meet these requirements, infrastructure projects must generate safe and comfortable environments, with all the comforts for their workers. One of the priority areas is to have construction camps where your employees feel as if they are at home.

At quickcamps.com.au, we sell high-quality of all types of camps. The panels that we sell create a quick installation system, with a self-supporting design, low maintenance, high durability, resistance to fire, and also chemical attacks.

They also have thermal and acoustic properties unmatched in their composition, creating comfortable spaces, maintaining adequate temperature levels, thus achieving significant energy savings for the company. Let’s find out several benefits of our remote camps.

What are the advantages of the construction camps?

Check out the following several benefits of construction camps.

– They are detachable, the camp can be disassembled and relocated (except floor and plumbing connections connected to the slab)
– It is self-supporting: the double profiled sheet with insulation confers structural resistance to the wall or roof.
– Quick installation, doors and windows arrive prefabricated on site.
– It is highly insulating: It has high thermal insulation, due to the polyurethane that is the insulator that best behaves in extreme conditions; suffocating heat or low temperatures. In addition, polyurethane is a fire retardant.
– Mining camps are waterproof. It is designed with a waterproof system in joints, both for roofs and facades.
– The paint offers protection against salinity, acid rain, ultraviolet rays, etc.
– It is ecological, in the manufacturing and start-up phase there is no dispersion of harmful materials to the environment.
– It offers adaptability and productive flexibility in the operation of the product.
– It is aesthetic, it offers a high range of colors, on volume.

Especially these panels become a solution to the main problems of infrastructure projects, to whom we also advise on the implementation and construction of their camps. Thus, it can meet the quality and service standards that their projects require and at the same time so that they can optimize the resources invested.

Upon request, we can provide the panel with a fire retardant. Our exploration camps can help to ensure the safety of people; with such good results that its use has spread to other industries such as education, health, and commercial chains.

Do visit our site www.quickcamps.com.au for more information on our all products.


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